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The Mental (and Social?) Cost of Graduate School

Sometimes I feel like graduate school has fundamentally changed who I am as a person. I feel like the workload of graduate school, the constant financial insecurity, and imposter syndrome that most graduate students feel (not to mention the generally isolating nature of graduate school) have made me a less healthy person mentally. 921 more words


Been a Bit

Not that a ton of people read my blog, but I do apologize for not writing. I suppose I should maybe apologize to myself; after all, this is supposed to be my own form of therapy. 649 more words


PhD Mama Burnout...

It’s not even October yet and I’m starting to feel a little bit burnt out from all of the commotion of a new term with many changes.   686 more words

Nursing Graduate School

Just Keep Swimming...

Life has been complete chaos lately, to say the least.

My students took their first test not too long ago, and while it went rather well, the second one is only a week away. 462 more words


So I’m currently doing an article analysis for my clinical critical thinking class, and it’s about this physical therapist that did work for victims during the earthquake in Haiti. 239 more words

Graduate School

On Being Still

I met a man today in Washington Square Park who was a literal bird man. He was dressed entirely in black, long sleeves and heavy pants, with a bandana around his forehead. 1,100 more words