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My Birthday Wish

Dear Friend:

Yesterday I received an email from a friend that made me almost skip down the street (so I just sort of ran and grinned like a maniac instead). 395 more words


Graduate School is nothing like Undergrad: 5 ways it is more Rewarding

When talking to undergraduate students or even those in the workforce considering going back to school for their Master’s, I am always asked, “How is it different?” It is very different, and in a good way. 750 more words


So You Matched!

When I underwent Phase II for the second time, I was completely emotionally wiped out. I have talked before about my strategy of applying to every site that had an opening. 595 more words


My Master's Degree: An Invitation to Rebel

“As a faithful child of the Enlightenment, I must admit that just the thought of adopting a theological hermeneutic makes me nervous. However, perhaps it is time for me (and ultimately us – the Church) to embrace our rightful identities as children of promise. 1,013 more words


Intellectual Wellness: Life Lessons I Learned in Grad School

I read this article on LinkedIn the other day and it reminded me of a similar article that I wrote after I finished grad school. 2 years later and it all still rings true for me. 612 more words


Visit plans go awry

It is sometimes a good idea to visit a prospective graduate school, but only after you did the homework about the school you’re contemplating a visit to. 203 more words

Graduate School

"Life's Not Fair"... Thanks for that. Now I'm in pain, and I want to kick things.

I started a blog several months ago, in the midst of recovering from shoulder surgery. It was supposed to be a therapeutic exercise to help me deal with the pain I was experiencing and the overall changes I was going through in my life, as I began to realize that I was not going to live the active, happy, carefree life that many of my fellow 22-year olds enjoy. 810 more words

Chronic Pain