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8 Things I Learned About Myself (and Other People) at Graduate School

My last day of graduate school was yesterday. I have one final left. The finish line is so close I can see it. Now is the time that I can reflect on the last two years. 793 more words

The Post Where I Tell You I've Been in Graduate School

And here is just a small sampling of what’s kept me busy and away from here for a while: a THESIS! And not just any thesis, but one on an often-maligned fandom, with some of the nicest people you could ever meet. 161 more words


What I'm Writing Wednesday

Here’s a few snippets from an Annotated Bibliography I put together for a current research project:

Research Topic:

I am working on a project dealing with sentimentality and the gaze in animal narratives, specifically horses. 1,100 more words

Grad School

Going to Grad School

Regular readers of my blog, or anyone who stops by my About Me page will know that I’m going to Grad School in September. Whilst trawling through search results on Google, I couldn’t find anything that addressed my main concern- that I’m going back to school almost 6 years after I first graduated. 541 more words


Learning how to "Be OK"

I just want to be ok, be ok, be ok...

The lyrics of Ingrid Michaelson poured through my ears as I sat in my apartment, alone yet again on another Saturday night. 565 more words


African Animals Expressing My Thoughts and Feelings

I can’t say I condone anthropomorphizing species, but as I look over some of my photographs from my time in South Africa I’ve been realizing how much their faces interpret exactly how I feel as this semester of graduate school winds down. 196 more words

Operation 24: How Staying Up All Night Made Me Less Stressed

I could say my theatre journey started back in sixth grade when I played the Blue Bird inĀ The Tortoise and the Hare Ride Again… 1,070 more words