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Is Graduate School Necessary?

So…Why graduate school?  Why Arts Management?

…are the two questions I get asked the most when people find out I’m in grad school.  The answer I really want to give is: “Well, why not?” 1,971 more words


Why I Felt Pushed Out of Science

The short answer would be that I had no support from anyone to keep going.  But the reason why that’s the case is far more complex of an issue. 1,206 more words


[超重要] 留學申請SOP和Essay撰寫祕訣 (下)



Graduate School

On Being a Writer

My first ever writing workshop was easily one of the worst experiences I have had as a writer. I didn’t know how to respond to my classmates’ commentary, nor was I allowed to respond. 1,512 more words

Will Technology Have the Last Say?

I once made my own quote off of Patrick Henry’s “…give me liberty or give me death!” I thought it would be funny so I added to the end and came up with “Give me liberty, give me justice, or just cut my head off!” 842 more words

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