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Another reason love Library

I’m grateful for the library providing a space I want to study and exploring my knowledge. When I’m in the library, I love seeing the same people walk in and then walk out. 15 more words

Picture Story

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Sean Cobbs a graduate from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Finally makes the moves back home after 11 years in southern Illinois.

Sick Struggles

This week has been a pain. I got sick and it made my week an even greater struggle, I couldn’t make it to the end fast enough.

11 months since graduation

Look how happy I was. I was graduating San Diego State 5 years after graduating from high school. It took me  2 other colleges to get into SDSU & 2 years to graduate from it & my parents thousands of dollars to hold that little stupid book right there. 227 more words


Redefining Yourself As a Graduate

By Alanna Rice

As I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed, I was bombarded with statuses about everyone finishing exams, or finishing college or university all together. 541 more words

Pioneer grad begins calling Otters games

by Kristin Snapp | for The Globe | January 21, 2014

Upon enrolling at Point Park, the University staff makes students aware of the job placement ratings and significant internships offered. 488 more words

Point Park University