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What's Scarier Than Graduating College?

So I know it’s been a while since my last blog post – you can’t blame me, though. I mean, what’s a girl supposed to get excited about after spending four months living in London or experiencing The Beatles tour? 929 more words


" The Bitch of Living"

First off, kudos to you if you got the reference of my title quote, we can get along well now. That’s the start I need to do so that you won’t hate me when you are done reading my blog. 1,356 more words


The Elevator Pitch

I am a recent graduate of The University of Alabama with a degree in Public Relations. I have nearly 10 years of work experience from library science to food service to retail to media editing and design. 15 more words


Hair and Circumstance

I photograph the graduation ceremonies for DeVry University twice a year. I used to do individual portraits of the graduates, and this is one of those shots. 58 more words


Working World

After graduation, where do the new OTs go? As you can imagine Occupational Therapists do not only work in hospitals, they work in many different types of facilities.   54 more words


Occupational Therapy school

As I am a student myself applying for graduate school to become an OT, I thought I should share the process of what the school I am applying to entails to be an eligible candidate.  177 more words


My favourite local photographer

This girl just has pure talent, she whips out a camera and starts snapping pictures. They just look fabulous and if you ever need someone to take professional photos for you, Katya Moussatova is the one. 19 more words