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"thowing bread at ducks..."

So these pictures represent the two main things I have done in the last couple of days…the first…

If your wondering what the hell I’m doing…I’m throwing bread at ducks…its a great past time… 215 more words

Not Going Back to School

I have gone through a lot of changes in my life recently. I graduated from college, moved back in with my parents, got a job, and got laid-off from that job all in about 4 months. 266 more words

After College

The Graduate

I managed to scrape a First-class honours degree from my beloved university. Now what? I always thought i’d readily welcome the prospect of being a graduate and heading ‘back to life back to reality’. 609 more words

The graduate

Double handed
Talking smirking
Thickness there
Standing there
Questioning my moral intention
As if theirs is honourably mentioned

The Banner

I consider myself to fairly devoid of any real artistic flare, so was surprised by how much I enjoyed creating the banner for my blog. 345 more words

International HR

True Happiness Starts when it Ends


Oh probably this one is the happiest moment for a graduating student like me- the Final Defense time. :D :D After all the mind-blowing routines, this has finally come to an end. 294 more words


Stance: Studies on the Family

Stance: Studies on the Family, is associated with Brigham Young University.You must be a undergraduate or graduate student to submit. Submit creative writing to academic papers… 166 more words