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What Nobody Tells You About Graduating College

If you are a college student, I’m about to sound like an annoying, broken record and you’re probably going to want to leave this page, but just listen carefully: Enjoy these years. 747 more words

Background of an aspiring writer

Texas in May 2014 I graduated with a psychology degree. Woo! The first couple months after walking the stage to obtain my treasured 8.5 X 11 thick piece of paper, I binged on job applications like never before. 321 more words


How Does Life Change In Your Twenties?

By Selena Jones

So, you’ve graduated. Congratulations! You’re quite possibly in your twenties – now what? You may already be noticing some changes. While half your friends are still getting drunk every night, you’re wondering if you can even hack one night of birthday drinks and cursing those hangovers. 506 more words


The Trouble with Your 20s

Being twenty-something years old in twenty-fourteen almost feels impossible sometimes. As young adults, we want to start our lives and begin our own journey. We want to fly away from the nest, so they say. 531 more words