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The Great Exhale

A threshold is a point of entering. That point just before a new beginning Рthat split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable. 343 more words

Happy Graduation Batch 2014!

“Faces of old and faces of new. People we know and people we knew.
Growing together then drifting apart. Always an ending and now a new start. 64 more words

College Life Crisis

I’ve been having such a difficult semester. I’ve never been so miserable with school. I never want to do anything. EVER. So, I’ve really let my grades slide. 188 more words

I Can Smell the Roses..


Spring break is in the air. Which means that when I return back to school, I have a little less than twenty days left until graduation, and that’s including weekends. 208 more words

College Graduation

March 21, 2014 marks the day when I officially graduated from college. Thank you, Assumption for giving me the opportunity to grow, bloom and realize my potential as a student, a leader and for training me to be a teacher. 40 more words

Social Graduation

It is 11:12 PM on a Wednesday and I have just finished a video project that has been looming over my head at work for the better part of two weeks. 306 more words