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101 Wishes of Congratulations for Greeting Cards

Do you freeze up every time a greeting card gets passed your way? Everybody else seems to know exactly what to write. Why does your mind goes blank? 131 more words

Helloo Helloo!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are alllll well!

I am currently in my new accommodation.
I am 2 weeks early because I am helping out with Tour guides and Graduations at Uni. 89 more words

The gradients of the personality bodies

Each body has a gradient from fine to coarse, being finest at its most interior and coarsest at its most exterior.

In the mental body, conceptual thought is the most subtle or finest thought and occurs where thought and consciousness first conceive an idea. 87 more words

Cognitive Mechanics

It is still summer 1: Congregations and Conventions

It is still summmer, and the autumn does not begin until Greenbelt has ended, but there are signs that a change is on the way. … 1,710 more words


Momusu's Upcoming Single... Seriously, I Just Can't Right Now.

Someone help me, I can’t stop laughing.

I’m really looking forward to Sayu’s graduation single… but for all the wrong reasons now.

Let’s look at the outfits first, shall we? 1,482 more words

Morning Musume

Sucre et Graduations!

During my hiatus, I did a lot of celebrating. After all, graduating from school and completing an intense internship are things worth celebrating!

Just to recap, to pass superior pastry, everyone is required to create a chocolate piece (which I’d previously posted about) and also a sugar sculpture. 728 more words


Celebration Summer

As of right now, I think the parties are over for a little while. At least the major ones. I think… This is why I have a planner. 298 more words