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Meeting an Inspirational Journalist - What is my life?

This past week has been busy busy busy BUSY! Did I mention my life has been very busy? 377 more words


Pfff Babies

You know what type-A people LOOOOVE? Routines and structure, duh. You know what babies give zero effs about? Your routines and structure.


So after about 4 weeks of beating my head against the wall trying to implement Babywise………I’ve given up. 374 more words

Serious Grown-up Stuff

To Turn a Cow Loose

One usually hears more about the problems of catching a cow and holding a cow than about turning one loose. But there is definitely a trick to letting one go. 608 more words


Oh heeeeeey. Nice to see you again. I kind dropped off th face of the earth there for a bit huh? Well, allow me to show you why: 395 more words

For Funzies

Review: The Bunker Volume 1

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov

Illustrated, Colored and Lettered by Joe Infurnari

Published by Oni


There are two kinds of horror. The first is the ghost train style jump scare approach where, once every ten minutes, something will leap out at you and make booga booga noises. 635 more words

Exquisite Reviews

Eight is Great!

On November 27, 2014, which also happened to be Thanksgiving, Grady turned 8! He chose to take a trip for his birthday, but we also had a little last minute party with a few friends because we just love to celebrate birthdays! 444 more words