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Groovy 2.3.5 backward compatibility with Spock unit tests

In my new workplace there is a problem – corporate firewall, which is a common problem in IT world. Therefore update sites of Eclipse are blocked, which means quite a mess with dependencies and plugin management. 86 more words


Grails, Grails RabbitMQ plugin, Java ,Spring AMQP - Multiple clients

I have developed simple Grails REST web service that uses Grails RabbitMQ plugin and sends message to queue.

Grails – Config.groovy

queues = {
    exchange name: 'my.topic', type: topic, durable: false, {
        foo durable: true, binding: 'test.#'

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Error in Grails - Cannot load JDBC driver class 'com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver'

If you are configuring a Grails application to connect to SQL Server database, there are chances that you might run into this issue. You can get this error because of many reasons. 170 more words


Grails ,modelling many to many relationship from existing tables created in Ruby on rails

I’m trying to convert a legacy tagging app written in Ruby on Rails to Grails.
The app has 3 tables :

Article_tags_vw -> Article_ID, Article_Title,Article_CreatedBy, Article_CreatedOn,Article_Content
Article_tags -> Article_Tag_ID, Article_ID, Tag_ID, Created_On
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Grails Tip: Configuring Embedded Tomcat Instance Used in Development / Test Environments

To support quick development and testing cycles, Grails fires up an instance of embedded Tomcat at various times – say, when you do “run-app” or run the functional tests, etc. 225 more words


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Configuring Grails application to use SQL Server database

1. Create a new Grails application by typing in the following command in terminal window:

grails create-app grailsDbConn

2. Change to the application directory by typing the following command in terminal window: 420 more words


How to install Grails on Windows?

1. Download the latest Grails release from the Grails Download page.

2. Extract the downloaded zip file into an appropriate location; like C:\grails-2.3.1

3. Create an environment variable… 94 more words