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Grails Revolution: The Force

This is the first in a series of post that I will be putting up here.

The main purpose of this blog is to serve as a force in the circulation, population, awareness and impact of using the Grails web framework to build modern web technologies which are both scalable, elastic, modular, robust and can be used in any situation with today’s modern web standards. 88 more words


Prevent Grails Circular Service Dependencies

Hi there, Recently i got stuck in weird exception and after search a lot about it . After sometime i found that this exception is known as… 253 more words


Integrate full-calendar into Grails app(Fetch events from database)

Hi there, Now i’m going to show you how easy is to integrate awesome full-calendar into Grails app. To do it just follow following snippets of codes: 78 more words


Getting Started with Grail’s Database Migration Plugin

It’s a big problem in Custom Application Development. We have all been there. With multiple branches and versions being developed at any time, it is so easy for a database change to be missed. 894 more words

Manage Multiple GRAILS version in Ubuntu.

I had installed 7 GRAILS version in my ubuntu system . To install grails in ubuntu see this link https://pkashyap28.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/configure-grails-groovy-java-intellij-idea-in-ubuntu/#more-112 . After installing GRAILS, put the code below at the bottom of 

69 more words