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Macro Photography : Grainy eyes.. by Knight_08080

the eyes of this fly make me dizzy and eyes hurts and lose focus coz its grainy and with light reflections on it be like this hehe


Small Enough to Save

“There are ducks at Howard Beach, and herons farther on at Jamaica Bay, and odd watery vistas all the way from Broad Channel to Far Rockaway. 137 more words


Easy Peasy Pork Roast

In the past few days the area of Southern Ontario that I live in has been hammered by snow and, yes, I used the “S” 298 more words



“Two events drew Kneeshaw’s attention away from the Green Child. One was the death of this father, together with the expanding trade of the mill—the mill absorbed more and more of his time and energy. 75 more words


Listen Up Philip (Alex Ross Perry, 2014)

Listen Up Philip’s pre-title sequence shows arrogant novelist Philip Lewis Friedman (Jason Schwartzman) huffily reject three people (counting the faceless slow-walker in the opening shot) who, to him, are deadweight on his journey to success. 937 more words