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What's all this about adverbial clauses then? Yawn!-Boring?

Someone said that education when is what is left over when you have forgotten most of what you were actually taught.

A Grammar School was supposed to have versed its pupils in the diligent study and understanding of basic linguistic structures. 860 more words


The musings of Dominic Cummings

The musings of Dominic Cummings – it’s science, but not as we know it!

In an article entitled “Don’t let the schools revolution go unfinished” in The Times of 1 September, Dominic Cummings returns to his attack on just about everyone in education excepting himself and Michael Gove. 765 more words

Grammar Schools

It’s good enough for the likes of you

Anyone who thinks comprehensive schools (a subject to which I will no doubt return, as I’m rather obsessed by them) are a good idea (or, perhaps, a grotesquely, breathtakingly stupid one) almost certainly didn’t go to one. 269 more words