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Bill Gates' TED Talk on Education: "Rich men are afflicted"

In 2009 Bill Gates gave a TED Talk on Malaria, Mosquitos and Education.
The relevance of the malarial section will become clear in the graphics taken from the TED Talk displayed below. 284 more words

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Bottom Russellers reveal yourselves

The Times Higher Education feature The Poppletonian Your Official Newsletter strikes a nerve with regular fingernails on chalkboard effect.

One Tony Blair-appointed Russell Group University managed to avoid mention by the Poppletonian; Queen’s University, Belfast. 45 more words

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Conspiracy theories that ought to exist, but don't.



A clandestine gang, operating countrywide, who target beautiful houses in good neighbourhoods, owned by hard working working or lower middle class people, who have worked their way up to buying such a house. 821 more words

Joanne Barkan: How to Criticize "Big Philanthropy" Effectively

Joanne Barkan has written several important articles for Dissent magazine on the role of big foundations in shaping education policy. She spoke at the Network for Public Education conference in Austin on March 1-2 about how to criticize the role of big philanthropies in reforming our schools. 1,142 more words

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An Inspector Calls; or perhaps doesn't

<a href="http://paceni.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/wilshawofsted.jpg"&gt;

Talking on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme Sir Michael Wilshaw said he was

enraged by that suggestion that Ofsted was full of Lefty, hippy-type inspectors,mired in Sixties, child-centred ideology.

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N.Ireland pupils have inequity imposed by Education Minister

All the evidence is that the curriculum developed and promoted by the Northern Ireland Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment, and lauded by the OECD, damages equity.

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Northern Ireland Education Minister announces unregulated GCSE & A-Level exams

Education Minister John O’Dowd’s use of selective evidence from those he appoints to give him the necessary answers continues. Once again his irony meter was not switched on when he accepted recommendations from The Council for Curriculum Examination and Assessment along with an OECD Report he commissioned as justification for breaching parity with England on changes to the GCSE and A-Level examination system. 77 more words

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