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Bad Artist #17, Appreciation


Carbon, oh carbon!

Though you’re the eight element

I like you the best.


Carbon, oh carbon!

You’re in every pencil, 53 more words


Information to Parents and a reply to concerns on Selection Tests 2014/15

The solution to the single test issue for grammar schools is as clear as it is simple: how defensible is the practice of using two tests to determine grammar school entry? 998 more words

Grammar Schools

Kathleen Sharp: Who Ripped Off Los Angeles for $1 Billion?

Journalist Kathleen Sharp summarizes the incredible iPad fiasco in Los Angeles in Salon. The article is called “Rotten to the Core.” Let’s face it: the gold rush is on, and tech companies will clean up. 1,182 more words


Boris Johnson Mourns Loss of Grammar Schools

Boris Johnson has appeared to challenge Conservative education policy by criticising the “destruction of grammar schools”.

The Mayor of London urged Mr Cameron to reconsider the creation of new grammar schools because “social mobility has declined”. 41 more words


Why Chinese pupils fare so much better than ours in the UK

Southampton University have published research to show that Chinese children do much better than their counterparts in the UK in terms of educational achievement. Both UK and Chinese children sat the same test and the Chinese results were 83 and 87% on average compared to the UK kids at a terrible 56 and 66%. 1,357 more words