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The 63.3% "state-school" intake fallacy and why it's dangerous...

Today I went back to my old school in Leeds to talk to some Year 12 students about applying to Oxbridge and what life is like at Cambridge. 1,033 more words


Those Who Can't, Shan't: How To Combat a Flawed Education System

The British Education system is broken. Bringing back grammar schools would see further endorsement of exam-orientated achievement, which so many individuals are not suited to. We need a new solution that addresses the needs of the individual pupil. 1,094 more words


Selection at 11 – a very English debate

Chris Husbands

Originally posted on SecEd

It is a persistent undercurrent in English educational debate, but it is peculiarly English: should academic selection at the age of 11 be restored? 826 more words

Chris Husbands

Farage is right: We need our grammar schools back

Do you see this man; I’m not that keen on him. I think as a political figure him and his party are as terrifying as they are backward and it all looks like UKIP wants to pretend we live in 1945. 440 more words

Serious Political Chit Chat

Bad Artist #17, Appreciation


Carbon, oh carbon!

Though you’re the eight element

I like you the best.


Carbon, oh carbon!

You’re in every pencil, 53 more words


Information to Parents and a reply to concerns on Selection Tests 2014/15

The solution to the single test issue for grammar schools is as clear as it is simple: how defensible is the practice of using two tests to determine grammar school entry? 998 more words

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