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Cartoon Friday ~ English Rules!

Happy Friday English lovers! Cartoon Friday is here, and to keep things interesting, I’ve included some fun information about English. What do you think?


Adjective Order

In French, the majority of the adjectives come after the noun that they describe.

There are a few exceptions, where certain adjectives are placed before the noun. 211 more words


Sources of Joy - Day 5

Today’s sources of joy lie in the incongruous bordering on the paradoxical.

I discovered that fear has no place if one is to relish wholeheartedly in the incongruity of it all. 958 more words

General Chatter

Your grammar no good it is? Here's how to to fix it up

Download: how-to-talk-grammer.m4a

We take a look at Christina Sterbenz’s article about common grammar mistakes. Turns out we’re idiots. If Christina ever stumbles upon this page, maybe she’ll send us a note and we’ll do a second episode with her as a guest. Find her on twitter @xtinasterbenz.


Mot Juste - The Perfect Word

Walking through life, I encounter the beauties of this world; be that the temporal beauty of a flower in the midst of spring, or the impalpable beauty of love over the span of eternity. 319 more words


Review the use of subject pronouns, object pronouns, and possessive adjectives by reading and completing the exercises included in this interactive book.


Fix It

The teacher hands back your paper and tells you to “fix it” or “fix the grammar.”  That’s it.  No other explanation.  What do you do?  First, ask the teacher what he or she wants you to do.   725 more words