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I don't use vocabulary lists

(Tales from Kirin 8)

In the next few posts, instead of writing about general Kirin life and culture, I’ll share a few things specifically about teaching in Kirin. 475 more words


Lesson 3 Irregular plurals

Some nouns do not have plurals that end in ~s, -es or ~ies. Each of these nouns changes in a different way in the plural. 61 more words


Lesson 2 ~es plurals

To make the plural of nouns that end in -x, -ss, -sh , -ch, and -o, we add ~es at the end of the word. 92 more words


It's news to me

In spite of the fact that it ends with an S, the word news is considered to be a singular noun that takes a singular verb. 19 more words


Typography nuts use one space. Period.

I’m announcing to the world that I’m a typography nut.

“Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t.”
-Almond Joy and Mounds commercials

Much like we choose food, like nuts, based on our mood, I enjoy choosing a font that represents my mood and what I want to articulate.

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S.O.S. Writing -- a new textbook for sentences

Dear readers and friends,

I’m excited to spread the word about a new textbook, Don Stewart’s S.O.S. Writing, designed to teach you how to write better sentences. 438 more words

On Writing