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The story of my life?

I have let so much of my time get away from me (life has been busy, I’ll blog about it later) but it’s again time to get back to a schedule and start writing and publishing in a timely manner. 24 more words


6 Grammar Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

Make any one of these six grammar mistakes, and you will feel very embarrassed.

1. Too many pronouns

  • This will confuse your readers.
  • Tip: begin a sentence with the name of the character, then use pronouns to refer back to him/her…
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From Grammar Geek to Grammar Freak

I used to tell people that I was a grammar geek. The fact is, I’m really a grammar freak.

What’s the difference? It’s all a matter of degree. 425 more words




Thủ phạm muốn huỷ cuộn băng này đi không phải vì trong này có quay được cảnh gì, mà là vì không quay được cảnh nào hết.

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The Eternal Argument, A TOS Review

Just wondering – As you enter the Jr. High and High School years, are you puzzled over the reading lists? They don’t quite make sense to me. 1,019 more words


List of Irregular Verbs

Los verbos irregulares en inglés son aquellos cuyo pasado simple y participio pasado no siguen ninguna regla. Aquí tienes una lista completa de los verbos irregulares dividida en varias páginas con caricaturas ilustrativas y ejemplos traducidos al español. 7 more words


Do you ACTUALLY know English?

As a soon-to-be English teacher in Korea, I am rather confident in my knowledge of the English language.

Nevertheless, this Playbuzz quiz on terrifyingly simple, yet common, errors did a good job of making me second guess myself. 27 more words

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