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If I were given a choice to live on just one type of food for the rest of my life it would be Japanese. Naturally, on rare occasions when I do… 512 more words


Rekomendasi Tempat Makan: Suntiang (Grand Indonesia)

Apa jadinya jika makanan Jepang dan Padang bersatu?
Hmmm, mungkin nikmat adalah jawaban yang paling tepat.

Setelah sukses dengan ‘rumah’ pertama yang berlokasi di Pondok Indah Mall… 74 more words


male's outfit from 50's

Well, I’m typing  from MacBook Air! XD Hahaha.. It’s awesome… I love it..! So, on 21-22 June 2014 there was a midnight sale in Central Park, Jakarta. 338 more words

Smart Shopper : Between Brand and Budget

Today, I went to Grand Indonesia with my best friend. Actually I want to see Young Business Movement, a kind of event that gather young entrepreneurship in Indonesia, that event last until 22th June 2014 and held by SWA Magazine (business magazine). 574 more words

Jakarta Culinary Passport – Grand Indonesia

On June 5th until 8th 2014 there was a culinary event at Grand Indonesia called Jakarta Culinary Passport. This culinary event had a concept of time traveling; visitors could travel from one time to another by visiting different eras of food from certain part of the world. 287 more words



Either I am on acid or mother nature spewed the sea into the sky. We can’t believe our smokey eyes at this sight of a blue sky in Jakarta. 6 more words

Magnoffee @ Magnum Cafe Jakarta

29th March 2014. Please don’t judge me. Huhuhu. Yeah I know, it was a decade ago hahaha.. I will try my best to write more often. 403 more words

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