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Power of the Common Law Grand Jury

Here’s an excellent video about Common Law Grand Juries and the fraud that has been perpetrated on us for generations.

Further reading: www.nationallibertyalliance.org

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And That's All I Can Say . . .

Lately, people have been asking when will Robert and I leave on our next long trip. I reply that any such excursion is at least a year away. 420 more words

Life Observations

The end of oaths?

The 1723 oaths to George I are the last example of the tendering of a test of loyalty en masse in early modern England. In the introduction to the finding list, I pondered why this practice ended in the early eighteenth century. 481 more words

Grand Jury That Indicted Rick Perry Was Stacked With Partisan Democrats

Rhymes With Right: Any doubt that we have a partisan hit on Rick Perry? Not only was the indictment based upon the complaint of a Soros-funded liberal activist group, but… 661 more words


Governor Perry’s Legal Team File Motion to Dismiss

The two-count indictment against Gov. Rick Perry defies common sense and should be dismissed “immediately if not sooner” as a violation of the U.S. and Texas constitutions, Perry’s legal team told the trial judge. 435 more words

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Grand Jury refuses to indict Texas teen facing life for marijuana

A Texas Grand Jury has refused to indict Jacob Lavoro after prosecutors sought to charge him with a felony for making marijuana brownies. The charge would have Lavoro facing a potential sentence of 99 years if convicted. 422 more words


Forum: What Do You Think The Grand Jury Will Decide In The Michael Brown Shooting? Why?

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