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Andre Marrine sentences 528 Egyptians to death

Following on from the debacle of sending off the wrong player in Chelsea’s 6-0 drubbing of Arsenal, this much maligned Premiership referee has cracked down on 1,200 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood currently standing trial. 253 more words

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Egypt's Mass Death Sentencing of 529 People Stirs Global Outrage

With the abrupt sentencing of 529 defendants to death after a one-day mass trial that allowed no genuine defense, Egypt’s state institutions appear to be taking their cues from the terrorists they claim to be targeting. 624 more words

Egypt : ` Sentences to Death 529 Activists in the Banned Association Muslim Brotherhood '

#AceWorldNews – CAIRO – March 24 – In Egypt, 529 activists in the banned the association Muslim Brotherhood were sentenced to death.

The decision was made by the province of Minya Criminal Court . 107 more words

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The Grand Mufti admitted the Jews did not steal land, Arafat recognized a Jewish State. How about Abbas?

At the basis of the Israel-Palestinian conflict lies the Palestinian rejection of any Jewish rights to the land of Israel itself. They view the Jews as imperialist interlopers who are not indigenous to the area and who, if worn down by conflict and delegitimization, will eventually pack up their bags and leave. 2,300 more words

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Former Soviet states catch Russia’s anti-gay contagion

Asia: Russia’s anti-gay stance has been sweeping through its borders and into neighboring countries of Central Asia, once part of the Soviet Union.

Russia recently passed a bill banning “homosexual propaganda,” meaning no one can talk to minors about the mere existence of gay people or hold pride parades and rallies. 536 more words

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