John Burke (1953 - 1995)

Not only was he a tremendous workmanlike jockey, John Burke one of the most likeable guys around.

John Martin Burke was born on 18th February 1953, in County Meath the mid-east of Ireland. 774 more words


The Night I Faced an Ecuadorian Firing Squad

‘Squad’ might be a tad generous.

There were, to the best of my memory, only three rifles aimed at us from the high walls that enclosed the palatial home of… 1,488 more words


Terry Biddlecombe (1941- 2014) A Racing Enigma

                Terence Walter Biddlecombe was born on 2nd February 1941, in the City of Gloucester.

The possibilities of Terry becoming a jockey were double fold from the day of his birth, his mother Nancy a keen racing enthusiast who also rode to hounds. 883 more words


Wednesday Hodgepodge - 16th July

1. The month of July was named for Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.  He’s quoted as saying, ‘Experience is the teacher of all things.’ So, what has experience taught you lately? 887 more words


The Grand National – is it a sport, or torture?

It is not an unusual sight to see a hold up of traffic for a four legged feline or a French bulldog that’s got loose. We are a nation of animal lovers after all. 2,017 more words

Multimedia Journalism


Books write authors as much as authors write books. So says Dick Francis, top-selling writer of horse-racing thrillers. The process of producing fiction is a mystery which I still do not understand. 598 more words


Skills Event

So a group of us from college got asked to take part in the filming of a skills event at Aintree Racecourse was made so happy when I saw this stand and got to have a small play on the bass!