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Hudson Mohawke - Chimes

Hudson is back with the title track from his upcoming Chimes EP.  Bringing that same digital magic the he brought to the GTA V Soundtrack, this track merges EDM rhythms with hip-hop basslines for something that will send a tingle down your spin.

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I was born at the beginning of the Millennium generation. How do I know that? My parents bought us a computer when I was eight years old. 739 more words

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Game Makers Getting Sued, A Rising Trend

What do college football athletes, Lindsay Lohan, and Manuel Noriega have in common? It’s not a trick question because they have all sued game makers. 240 more words

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Watch The Opening Credits Of 'The Sopranos' Recreated Shot-For-Shot With GTA 5

This is the opening credits of The Sopranos painstakingly recreated, shot-for-shot, using clips from Grand Theft Auto 5. It’s really impressive, especially when you watch the side-by-side comparison in the video below, and especially when you stop to think about how long it probably took to make. 84 more words


Let's Play Grand Theft Auto 5 With @MissCocoPeru

Seriously entertaining, she’s got a direct link to my funny bone, can watch this over and over and it will never get old. She definitely plays GTA like one of us does.   7 more words

Lindsay Lohan Sues Makers of Grand Theft Auto 5

Lohan has officially decided to sue Rockstar Games over using her likeness in their hit game, Grand Theft Auto 5. 

The character in question is one named “Lacey Jonas”. 87 more words

Real Life Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

This is an awesome video created by Zapruder Pictures of the Grand Theft Auto V trailer recreated in real life, titled Grand Theft Auto: Madrid. The video has a small box in the bottom left to show the actual game trailer compared to theirs and it is spot. on.

- Colleen