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Good Granny- a baby?!?!?

Wow, I’m gonna have a grand baby. I want so bad to be excited and I am for my daughter and know she will be a great mommy but I’m too stuck in the fact that I won’t get to be a part of the baby’s life. 787 more words

One Baby Down, Another on the Way!

So, as you could tell by my previous post we WERE expecting. We are now the proud parents to Kaston Lambert.

After spending a grueling 13 days in the NICU he came home one week ago today. 188 more words

Since Turning 60 I've Learned...

Since turning 60, a couple of years ago, I’ve learned:

That even though I’m a morning person, I can sleep through early summer sunrises, and the day will still be there; 98 more words


Hello July!

Things are a bit quieter here. We have 6 less heartbeats living with us, as S & D and family moved into their new home this week. 137 more words



As I sit here contemplating what horrible things I must have done to deserve this year, I realized a few things. It’s life. I have not done anything to deserve this. 627 more words



I found out recently that what I’ve been told about grandparenting is true…it is great, and is a lot less stressful than parenting! I am not the parent so I can let a few things slide in the eating department (I don’t have to stuff those veggies in and clamp his mouth shut), in the potty training department (if he’s three and still wearing diapers, that’s not a problem for me). 80 more words

Toddlers & Beyond

Morgan Learns to throw Stones at the Beach

This past holiday weekend my son Rob took his daughter Morgan to the beach. After she watched him throw stones into the ocean she decided she was ready to give it a try herself. 59 more words