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I'm a Grandma......

I missed these things…..

Home made playdough, dolls, soft toys colouring and LOTS of laughs with my granddaughter.

So nice to have her here at last.


AJ <3


11 Dec 14: Should Our Child Ever Know Who His "Real" Dad Is?

DEAR ADAM: My son (I’ll call him Michael) was very ill with cancer at age 15, and as a result he became sterile from his chemotherapy treatments. 492 more words


A Letter To My Abuelo

Hi lolo,

It has been years since you passed away. I still can clearly remember how much mama cried upon entering your house and seeing your coffin in the middle of the living room. 768 more words


An Open Letter To My Daughter's Stepmom

To My Daughter’s Stepmom

I never wanted you here. You simply were never part of the plan. Growing up and dreaming of my family I never included you.   892 more words

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This post is a beautiful must read for any mother either sharing their child with another women or sharing their life with another women's child. Unfortunately to this point I have not had this with my children. As a matter of fact it has been pure hell until recently. When my daughter recently had her baby my ex husband's girlfriend who has typically made a career of making my life hell was anything but the monster I had known her to so faithfully be. During this experience she was very respectful and supportive of both my daughter's and my needs. At one point I stepped out, thinking we had plenty of time, to feed my other daughter and the baby's father. During the time we were on our way back it became time to start pushing. This women happened to be there in our absence and politely left upon our arrival. After the baby was born we went to the waiting room to get her and my daughter's friends advised that my daughter's father had made her leave pretty much against her will because he refused to support his daughter through this experience because she was told she had to choose either him or me. I sent my other daughter to pick her up and bring her back to see the baby. Later that night as we were leaving she apologized to me for being in there and stated she just didn't want to leave her alone. Although I had been polite and understanding about the fact that she clearly still wanted to support my daughter even though her father had turned his back this was the turning point when I realized I didn't have to force the words that were pouring out of my mouth.... "Don't appologize. I wouldn't have wanted you to leave her. I appreciate you staying there.". I took it a step further and told her when I intended on visiting the next day to allow her father the opportunity to do what was right. Unfortunately, although he visited he never even picked up his new and only grandchild and made quite an ass of himself while there. When I arrived later in the day his girlfriend was there along with his mother. Given the opportunity I thanked his girlfriend for handling the situation with some respect the day before. Regardless of how things have been in the past in these special moments she was nothing less than what I would want in my daughter's lives and I was proud to include her in those moments because she was so respectful. I have hopes that the respect and mutual love for my daughters will be our future rather than the evil of the past. This post is beautiful and if ever I find myself in the situation to share in the lives of someone else's children I would strive to be what I would want for my daughters. It's hard as a mom to share your children but having someone in their lives who loves them and respects you would make it so much easier to accept.









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She's Still Amazing

Eight years ago, God saw fit to add a little girl to my family.

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December 2014 - Week 1

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