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Youngest in Life

For many years, I have kept silent, mainly in respect of my late mother. Like a dormant volcano, the pressure continues to build, the cap begins to weaken and an eruption is imminent. 1,159 more words

Three That Grandma Enjoys (2014)

1. Garden.

2. Grandchildren.

3. Card in mail.


Happiness to know-

With a simple mail delivered hello.


Healing as we age....

Healing really does bring new perspectives!  I’ve blogged and blogged and blogged and talked and talked and talked about my mother’s narcissism and my upbringing – the psyche job she did on me…it is fading…I’m starting to be able to get past the bad with a different perspective.   312 more words


The sky opened early this morn, sprinkling miniature shrubbery of forest green with flakes of dry white.  Peeking outside from the inside of kitchen warmth, I was reminded of a silver-colored tin, bigger than a soup can, yet smaller than a breadbox.  574 more words


Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa, you’ve been a part of my life before I can even remember.  You met me when I was only minutes old, and have been by my side for over 28 years. 468 more words


New Life

As one life ages and leaves this earth, another is born. This is the case this month in my family. The rotation of life.

My father passed away on December 3, 2014 at the age of 75 and my new granddaughter, Alexandria Louise, was born on December 12, 2014.  221 more words

Life Is A Melting Pot