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LOTD 253

Sabotage- Strapped Shirt @ Swagfest
Grandeur- Joggers @ Swagfest
Flite- Kingz 49ers @ Swagfest
BUC- Illuminate @ Swagfest
Benjaminz- Amphis Watch @ Swagfest


get off the computer and write something down

I am sitting alone in my studio, feeling sorry for myself, lonely, staring at the computer screen. On a whim I look to the window and I am shocked. 39 more words


God's Grandeur: What Does Co-Creation Look Like?

I’m super blessed to have recently accepted an art teaching position at Community Christian School.  It’s not every day that an art teaching position opens up, so it was Providence that I was offered a job as an Elementary Art Teacher.   68 more words

The Building of Elegant Poverty

Outside the battered door is a courtyard of gravel.  Here men walk without shoes and fall to their ravaged knees.  Yet there is smooth cool stone inside, bloodstained by the feet and knees of those who have entered. 230 more words



How different is the woman

who smells like fresh lime,


like bright sunlight in inclement days, from

the one who sets your

imaginations on fire with her… 55 more words

The Mountains!!

The Mountains!!
Ah, splendid!
Your Grandeur,
Mist of blue – takes the warmth of you
Glades of green – nourish on you
Sounds of rain – chime with you… 36 more words

Happy Sorroundings

Just Blck & White


Hair: UNORTHODOX Fizz Curls  – Noir
Chain: !Grandeur! Silver Chain
Shirt +Vest: ISON MAN – leather biker vest -M-
Pants: Redgrave HipHopJeans BOLD – Black -
shoes: FrontlIne 6’s