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the mountain high . . . shadows the valley

Shall we attempt to reach the summit of a mountains majesty, or remain in the valley under its shadowing wing? For, once atop the world to see its glory, we must return on the path followed to grandeur in enjoying once more the comfort of a shared home, a life complete in the valley undisturbed with passersby. 32 more words

The Proof of Grandeur and Majesty

All people stop for a few minutes in this exhibition of the world in order to watch the samples of the valuable grants and the antique works of the art of that Being in the stalls of the markets of this world and then disappear. 1,420 more words


Invasive: Ghost Loft - Be Easy

“We don’t have to speak, we don’t have to try”

Ghost Loft‘s ‘Be Easy’ is a slick and luxurious introduction to his grandiose and unlimited sound. 81 more words


Review: Tortelier’s golden touch full of personality, grandeur

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra outdid itself Friday night in playing the first of two subscription concerts with guest conductor Yan Pascal Tortelier. Each piece, and … 9 more words

Ivre de louange

Remplie de Ta vie à en déborder

Priant par l’Esprit en langues inspirées

Dieu, Tu me saisis par Ton immensité


Mon cœur ne peut pas contenir… 88 more words

Poems And Prayers