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Inevitable Ends

My second father was my mother’s. He was so like a father to me that my mother and aunts often referred to him to me as, “Dad,” without meaning it in that weird, baby-like, self-absorbed way that people sometimes have when they talk to their friends and acquaintances about their parents, saying only “Mom” instead of “my mom.” It was a consistent, honest slip-up. 1,931 more words

Childhood Shit

I Shall Not Look Upon His Like Again

*Written in July 1993

I had never seen him lie so still
as he did that day in the sleek, steely vessel.
Its bright white cushions covered… 354 more words


Let Sleeping Angels Lie

What can I say? She looks like an absolute angel while asleep. Emma our granddaughter.


September Is In the Air

Ah, September.Traditionally this was the start of the school year but now with the effects of climate change and parents who need the schools for extended babysitting, I see classes starting earlier and earlier (and going later and later).September is also the month that summer changes into fall. 320 more words


Labor Day Memoir

So Labor Day 2014 is here and I am trying to remember a time long ago that was significant about this day. Oh, I know the first Monday in September “constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being” of our great county. 1,046 more words

Christian Writers

Grandfather's 'shocking' Ice Bucket Challenge involves infant girl

HOUSTON, Texas (KHOU) – The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been a splash for weeks, but some say a Texas grandfather must have been out of his mind when he poured freezing cold water on himself and his 10-month-old granddaughter. 195 more words


Grandfather Dumps Ice Water On Infant Granddaughter For ALS Challenge

Reggie Stewart of Houston, Texas posted his ALS Icebucket challenge video online just like everyone else before him. But his had a twist that many are finding disturbing to say the very least. 233 more words