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Provincia di Palermo, SICILY

The Story of a Great Grandfather, Francisco Passantino

Retired from active labor, and now enjoying the fruits of his many years of toil, Francisco Passantino makes his home at his ranch near Coyote. 477 more words

The Impact of Trains, and other Memories

My grandfather loved trains. He loved trains, the Oregon State Beavers, Sierra Club, and keeping journals. He wore grandfather clothes, smelled like grandfather, and talked with a grandfather accent – slow, methodical, wise, gentle. 1,103 more words


It has been a year, but you’re still here.

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Raising my glass

I wanted to dedicate a recipe to my beloved grandfather who has recently passed away.

This is one I made a few months ago but very much in his name as it combines two of his favourite things. 116 more words


July 26, 1975: Now comes the harvest.

Only about two hours before I sat down to type this, I went down the stairs and into my modest backyard garden, where my jalapeno plants had been busy. 292 more words


Come back, be here.

It’s currently 2:48 in the morning. But I was about to go to sleep about two hours ago, when I noticed the date. July 28th. Five months ago, on February 28th, the world lost the wisest, wittiest, most incredible man I’ve ever know. 470 more words


On Achieving Meditation

After 30-odd (some of them very odd) years of lap swimming, I have finally achieved meditation. In fact, it snuck up on me. I discovered last year that if I had a lane to myself, I could enter into “The Zone” – a state of creative play. 556 more words