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"Zombies" by Claire McNallen

Happy Friday everybody! I’ve been wanting to write this post for y’all for quite some time and I never knew how to word it, or I was afraid I would butcher the topic, but it’s Friday and here goes nothing. 441 more words

Claire McNallen

Eddy (No not the guy)

This has been the most peculiar thanksgiving.

It all started out when about 30 minutes before we were to leave to head to GBL’s house. It was my GBK calling and asking to come with us to my GBL’s house. 1,624 more words

Cause of death? Frailty of old age.

She would have loved that, would grandma. A bit morbid you say? Perhaps not.

My Grandma was a woman of 92. A woman, who was fortunate enough to get through her many long years on this earth – with her biggest health issue being that of jaundice, when I was much younger. 1,157 more words

Thanks, Mama HOS

It’s Thanksgiving night, and I have thousands of reasons to give thanks. God blesses me and mine more than we deserve. Tonight, though, I want to focus on my gratitude for HOS’ mom. 273 more words

Family Matters

Divided Thanks

Thanksgiving…A time when we traditionally pause and reflect on life. Looking back over the previous year and giving thanks for our blessings…those we recognize and those known to only God. 585 more words


My Pasts Poetry of Giving Thanks ! ! !

As I sit & listen to the sleepy time sounds

The turkey is listening from my belly,

Naps filled with happy all around

& I feel like a big ball of jelly. 228 more words