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The fact they were stoned out of their minds the neighbor saw as an advantage. To him anyway. Or a disadvantage as bangers stoned out of their mind are known to be desperate. 720 more words

Pete Armetta


She is the epitome of strength.
She is my first teacher.
She is the reason for my love of reading.
She is the only one who can make Anna and Sambar that fills a house with the aroma of a home.
She is my grandmother.


PHOTO: Couple Arrested After Grandma Films Them Having Sex On The Beach In Front Of Kids

The man looks like he regrets his action, but not the woman…see the smirk on her face…lol. A couple have been arrested after they were filmed having sex on a crowded beach in Florida in front of children, including a 4 year old girl. 152 more words


Camping in North Norway

Well, it’s late at night, and I am shattered. Shattered, however, in a good way.

Two days ago, I went up to the nearby mountain here at Lundøya, Norway, called “Linken”, and then, halfway up the mountain, me and Vilde, went off the beaten track following markers to find ‘Storvatnet’. 553 more words


Dashboard dog


When most people ride in my car for the first time, they usually ask about this dog that sits on my dashboard. My grandma used to have two beanbag-stuffed dogs on the dashboard of her car. 37 more words


Internet Deprivation

So yeah. I haven’t had consistent internet for about a solid month now. I’m slowly dying from my lack of internet – how will I update my tumblr? 240 more words