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1. Yiddish word for grandmother. 

2. Name of host of popular online cooking show “Feed Me Bubbe” 

Bubbe loves her grandchildren very much.

That’s what Urban Dictionary (the slightly inappropriate website for people who want to know what things like bae means) says about Bubbe. 426 more words

Day 73

So today I worked on cleaning my room. I also helped my grandmother out because she recently has had a bought of pneumonia. Since she was so sick (and being Scottish very stubborn as well and did not want to see the doctor or go to the hospital if she could possibly avoid it), she has been very weak and not able to do all of the things that she used to do. 590 more words

Hospitals & Me Don't Mix

I’m reminded, as I lay here on this uncomfortable bench seat/bed, how much I hate hospitals. Not just because the bedding for overnight guests are usually the worst, but because I have some bad memories here. 593 more words


Brew Day: Gumballhead Clone

The last few weeks have been very busy (because summer). There always seems to be at lease one thing on the calendar every day. I also ran a half marathon and started a food photography class. 133 more words


Wordnesday: Raconteur

Word: Raconteur

Origin: 1828

Definition: a skilled, amusing storyteller

Sassy Sentence: A natural raconteur, my grandmother can tell a story with more detail and excitement than a feature film.

The Bratty Bibliophile

Library Loving.

I’m addicted to books….

But there’s a bit of a loop hole. My Grandma is addicted to books, and I remember her saying on some occasions “this book is no good.. 299 more words

About Me

Day 211: Peeking Through The Clouds

Cloud. That’s the today topic on my other blog amonthwithlumia.wordpress.com. And for some reasons, I want to write another perspective on cloud here.

Cloudy days. That’s one term to define my days lately. 85 more words

New Day