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Good Old Champ (A Children's Story)

I knew Champ, our horse loved me, since he trotted up to the fence every time he saw me. I carefully held my hand flat and let him snuffle up goodies with his velvety muzzle.  659 more words

Family Stories

Happy Halloween

November is hard on my heels.  I’m trying to outrun it without success.  It is funny because Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite times of the year, but this year I’d rather it not arrive.  841 more words

DUMPLINGS WITH PLUMS by Ivy @ Ivy Mosquito

I started cooking when I was 9. I often wonder how does it feel when you did not start at an early age. I mean, some of us started just few years back, few months, or even few days back. 938 more words


ivyon reblogged this on Ivy Mosquito | Liberating My Creative Soul and commented:

Today is a very special day... I am a first-time guest blogger in this lovely community! :)

This was arranged about two months ago and I am excited and happy that is finally here...my time to shine with my recipe of traditional dumplings hehe... Thank you Jhuls for having me over at thenotsocreativecook which is completely misleading because her recipes always leave me wanting more and more! :)

I hope you will like it. There is something special about this post also. It collided with our days of honoring the loved ones that are not around anymore (November 1st and 2nd) and these dumplings come from my grandma who I love and who has taken care of me since I was a little baby. I dedicate this to her. I will always remember you.

p.s. I am able to look at the screen for a little while so I took the opportunity and approved all of your comments and answer as many I could. I will answer to them all. Thank you for all your wishes... <3 I miss you!

Center of her world

for two weeks every summer.

Best childhood ever!


How it all began

I remember the day each of my children were born. I remember how I felt, how happy I was and how I was so amazed that that this beautiful being had been created inside of my body. 562 more words


This is a post on breast cancer

My Great Grandmother, otherwise known as GG or Lorainne, had breast cancer. She had a double vasectomy. Members of my family, my boyfriends family, family of friends, friends, friends of friends, too many to count have had scares or have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 995 more words

Peace Through Prana