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Better than Lambas bread.

-Yorkshire Pudding-

My mums side of the family is English and we all grew up on awesome roast dinner and… the Yorkshire pudding.
All through our family we have a “competition” on who makes the best… Mind you, we all use the same recipe. 295 more words


...of constellations & constitutions...

Moving right along, this 2nd full week of August has us, among other things, thinking of super moons and celestial showers…Perseid meteor showers to be precise–associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle. 286 more words

Drowning in shallow water

Snap. Grumble. Bark. Glare.

It’s moments full of these things I remember as I try to fall asleep each night.

I drift to sleep certain that these moments reveal everything about who I am as a parent. 412 more words


My sisters watch from afar

I just spent a wonderful afternoon at a park near the water at my granddaughter’s 5th birthday party. ¬†And now I’m here at this blog, thinking about Connie and Anita and how they’ll never see their grandkids grow up. 222 more words


A Sweet New Bebe

When a sweet new niece is born,
it calls for a trip to go see her.
And the rest of the gang too, of course. 213 more words


In what way are you superstitious?

I’m not really superstitious but when people say stuff like ” Don’t hop on one leg for more than 5 seconds or else a bear will bite your leg off”, you kinda don’t want to do it anymore. 86 more words


Matchmaking Jewish mothers and grandmothers

Sundays are meant to be relaxing aren’t they? No, no, no… not in a Jewish household! In a Jewish household you get woken up to the sound of your grandparents being round at 10am… there goes that Sunday lie in. 381 more words