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By Christine Wadsworth

Let me tell you about your grandmother

(No, not your mother’s mother, living in Houston)

I’m talking about Grandmothers.
The ones who survived the years of… 177 more words

Cloud Of Witnesses

Stories and Memories about Grandmothers/Nanas

In about a month or so a new book about grandmothers will be published. A tentative title is “Grandmothers Who Stand Watch” and is edited by Robin McGee. 28 more words


fb. Why are old people defined in terms of their health, rather than their experience. Where are the words to give voice to the invisibly ageing.

Baby, infant, newborn, toddler, terrible twos, child, preteen, tweenies, teenager, teens, in betweener, youth, young, girl, boy, lad, lass. All describe the first 20 years. But what words describe the ageing process, the last life filled living of 20 years before ill health and death descend.   510 more words

Old Age


I have been a nana since the age of 44 and I suppose this is relatively young in grandmotherly years.

When I first became a granny I had a brief moment of where to from here? 252 more words

Joanne Costantino: "'Frozen': It's Just a Movie!"

When the Disney movie Frozen was released early last year, I was in no rush to see it.

Then I stumbled across a post by Kathryn Skaggs, who blogs at “A Well Behaved Mormon Woman.” The post was entitled “ 774 more words

Seduction of the Streets

​The seductiveness of the street culture is difficult to resist. An illusion of achievement combined with a sense of belonging and acceptance magnifies this seduction. Unfortunately, many of our young African-American men are attracted to this street culture. 457 more words


God Bless Nannies and Their Grandchildren

A friend told me a week ago that she we going to stop checking my blog if I didn’t write something. I’m a little behind but here I am. 635 more words