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Post #25 - The Oatmeal Incident...

I don’t eat oatmeal. I don’t like it, never have liked it, and I probably never will.  That said, I have no clue what it should look like or taste like. 874 more words

English Vinglish

 In a recent turn of events, I traded an over-cluttered life in Bombay for a school on a hill to teach English to grade seven and eight students. 700 more words


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Words are fascinating creatures. They can brighten a day and enlighten a heart. Throw those big words around like a toy ball and see them bounce right back to you. That, fellow grandmothers, is a job well within our responsibility.

All The Color Is Gone

When I was young my grandmother and I would pick Queen Anne’s Lace. The lace, I beg your pardon, the flower would grow along the edges of the narrow county roads. 312 more words

Flash Fiction

Ashes to Ashes


My grandmother, one of my earliest muses, died when she was ninety-five. She slipped away in her sleep late one December night in 2013. 773 more words

Bold Strokes Books

The Big Book of Mom

The Big Book of Mom

A Sentimental Journey

by Charles McKelvy


(Author’s note:  This is just the beginning.  I will post more on a page called THE BIG BOOK OF MOM as I write and edit it.   1,243 more words


I have seen God (and so have you)

My travels for professional and for recreational purposes have allowed me to get to know and interact with a lot of different people over the years, across many cities and small towns in a number of states in this great country. 1,021 more words

Religious Science

Save a Life with this Trick

Simple, but Genius!

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Perhaps grandmothers who don't often drive with kids in the car might consider this tip.