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I Hate Pink

To be perfectly honest, it just isn’t a color that appeals to me. I feel the same way about yellow and grey. Not for me. 506 more words

Raising Kids

African Grandmothers Tribunal: Seeking justice at the frontlines of the AIDS crisis (Trailer)


Here’s a short clip of the long awaited African Grandmothers Tribunal documentary!

Hope you watch :)


How to See Miracles

My grandmother has taught me many things. Among some of the lasting lessons:

  • The Yiddish word for “stickshift” is…“stickshift”;
  • If someone declines your offer of a banana, offer him half a banana (because why would anyone in his right mind turn down a banana??)
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On Thanksgiving day and each day, I honor all my relations

Outside the Box, a weekly column by Cheryl Hatch, copyright 2014

Thank you.

These are the first words I form when I wake. Sometimes softly, in my mind before I open my eyes. 812 more words


For the Holidays: Love the Ones You're With

Holidays can be hard. Sometimes painful. We have so many pictures in our minds of how perfect it can be, should be:

Large, laughing families gathered around the table on Thanksgiving Day. 676 more words

Every Time, Apple.

So Apple, Google,.. well, these two mainly are notorious for making me cry at commercials. They know how to pull at your heartstrings and make sure that you remember that they did that along with remember to buy our products, go on our sites, use the app, love us. 14 more words


The Coat

Most people who see me wear this coat assume it’s fake. I am very okay with that because I’m sure if people knew the truth, they would be highly un-stoked. 187 more words