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a GRAND ‘game of chicken’

A look into the lives of grandparents who raise their grandchildren in Australia.


Sue Martin’s knuckles tighten around the handle of her cappuccino. 1,663 more words


The Rebel

Some people think the archetypal rebel is a teenage girl with a nose ring, standing outside McDonald’s. Some of the biggest rebels in the country are old men in corduroy jackets sitting quietly on worn out sofas. 1,517 more words


Answered Prayer-I think

I sit here tonight just pondering on the latest developments in this roller coaster I call life. The girls are wanting to go live with daddy part time and my son in Louisana the other part–I love my son but there is so much chaos, drinking, disorder, confusion and God only knows what else that I simply am not comfortable with them staying there for more than a day or two. 420 more words

61 is the new 9.

Top 5 Days Ever

In no particular order

1. The day my husband and I got married.

2. The day all my children and grandchildren were born. 256 more words

A Funny Harvest Story

I’ve written before about bears roaming freely along the paths around our cabin. We generally see the first of our visitors sometime in April and then, depending on the year (and I imagine this has to do with a complex number of factors) we may see them wandering around right through early October. 681 more words