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T is for...Tea

The incredibly talented and wonderful TJ Lubrano made the suggestion to discuss time travel for today’s subject…which I plan to do, in a round-about way. 541 more words

Challenge Accepted!

The Conquering of Crazy Grandma

Crazy Grandma is one of those people who are really hard to like. Do I love her? Of course. Is she crazy? Why yes.

She wasn’t easy to live with, maybe that’s why my mom got pregnant and ran off as soon as she could, leaving me, two pregnancies later, with her. 617 more words


The Stories We Tell Ourselves

My husband and I are taking over his family business, started by his father 43 years ago. It’s a huge mission that is taking all of our mental resources and an exciting change in our lives. 544 more words


"Thank You, Boby"

The four friends gathered at Elizabeth’s house for a play date. The ensuing afternoon flowed as usual: a mix of excited conversation, bouts of giggling, a sprinkling of imagination–all fueled by a snack or two. 239 more words


SITREP: Changes

I hope that you’ve all had a good Easter break. Ours was great, but there’s been an avalanche in the barracks.

As we don’t have the fortune to live in the Alps, the avalanche has consisted of grandparents, Easter eggs, runny noses, and lots of new baby tricks.  435 more words

Stay At Home Dad


“Hey bub, guess what we are doing today? We are going to Oma and Papa’s house!”

I tell my son, as we are getting ready for our Passover dinner with my husband’s parents. 178 more words

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