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There Were A Million And A Half

It’s the 24th of April today. The day we Armenians commemorate the 1.5 million who perished on this day in 1915. The atrocities committed against them by the Turks are so terrorizing and vicious and the survivors’ stories so sad and tragic. 771 more words


Three Weeks Old!

The triplets are three weeks old today! (Well, yesterday, at this point, but I really can’t seem to get these posts up by midnight…sorry!)

Grammie came to visit, and she held Miss Sophie (still breathing happily all on her own) for the first time. 942 more words

Thursday's Weekly Roundup ... A Brief Review Of Our Time In Iran ...

Wow … well it feels good to be back … I ended up being forced to take a blogging break while we were in Iran … a combination of blocked websites … VPNs that didn’t work and sketchy internet access at certain times … I actually had a few posts lined up for while we were away but it doesn’t matter now … if anything I quite enjoyed the whole not being connected to the internet thing … it was a whole 10days of being almost entirely unplugged from the web … I say almost because Perry and I did have our work emails synced to my Iranian phone … but mostly I just cleared them from my inbox and I think there were only 2 or 3 that needed to be responded to … all in all it was quite refreshing not worrying about checking stuff online/facebook/blog etc for a few days …

Dubai Life


My Grandma passed away last weekend. I wasn’t around when she passed away. It was bad. It was also good because she had been suffering for a long time. 174 more words


This is a work in progress, inspired by the above photograph of my Grandfather and his family.


Part One -

Looking out of the window of what they call a “care home” 377 more words


An Iowa Thunderstorm


Like cannon blasts
Boom over miles of spring corn,
And sends the crow and the black bird
To flight.

The air is heavy, 301 more words