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Are my cracks showing?

I’m carrying the weight of the world it seems sometimes! Maybe I have too much going on in my life?  Maybe I am not cut out to do these things? 314 more words

michelle's weekly pet share: update to grandkitty's tale

Forgot to mention grampy’s contribution to the tale of our woebegone grandkitty.

The kennel in which grandkitty had his smelly accident was exiled to the balcony. 278 more words


Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

It has been just over fourteen years since you’ve been gone. I think about you quite often; actually more so now than ever before. 727 more words



Habibganj Station

“Dilli se chal kar, Agra Cant. aur Jhansi ke raaste Bhopal aane waali gaadi number 12002, Shatabadi Express, apne nirmit samey se 4 ghante ki deri se chal rahi hai.” 511 more words


Throwback Thursday: Pop Pop, Nana and me

When my mind brings up memories of my Pop Pop and Nana, grandparents on my mother’s side, George is always smiling.

The old guy — yes, no matter the age I am in these flashbacks that still warm me today, Pop Pop is remembered as old — is happy when he had I are walking around his neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 608 more words


Letter to my Grandparents, Part I

by Idem Hale

Dear Grandma,

I hope this letter finds you (alive and) well. I am trying to keep your stay as memorable as possible while I last. 224 more words

- English

Love Letters and Perspective

My grandmother died almost two years ago. She kind of faded out after months of physical decline. Like so many elderly people, a broken hip had left her unstable. 1,354 more words