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Little Pink Sock

Little pink sock on the basement stair,
Her mother dropped you unaware
You’d remain forever split from your mate,
Kept secretly by Grandma in this captive state. 34 more words


Grandma And Grandpa, Happy Anniversary!

Today, my grandparents would have been married for sixty years! I have no doubt that if they were alive they’d be standing side by side, with smiles on their faces and tremendous love in their hearts still. 204 more words

Grandma Sue | Just Talkin'

My family is quirky. My family is hilarious. We have this sort of awesome dysfunctional thang down pat and I love it. It’s all I have ever known since I was a small child so I am used to the craziness. 910 more words

Just Because


Joy: the opposite of me today. Diva went 3 kinds of berzerk at the orthopedist’s office. Then got prescribed more steroids to combat the inflamation. If this doesn’t work, then epidural injections, which I am NOT ready for. 621 more words

Daily Inspirations, I Say That Laughingly . . .

The Fairness Doctrine-Junior Edition

     It’s been creeping up for some time now, and has finally exploded.

     In short, my 6 year old grandson wants EVERYTHING his (almost) 11 year old brother has. 709 more words

Vay Kay

Summer has really taken me from writing. It seems I wrote more while in school. If that’s the case then more should be coming soon. School starts August 25th and I’m not sure if I’m ready yet. 325 more words