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Aimless Thoughts #Who Knows

1. The Trash Story:

Apparently my dad came home this morning (he goes out for coffee every morning) and was cursing to himself because the racoons had dragged a bag of garbage all the way from the curb to the middle of the street, hacked it open with a knife, and stomped on all of the boxes and lightbulbs that were in there. 861 more words


The Ugly Christmas Sweater

My parents made a last-minute appearance at our place last weekend. And I didn’t hate it. Who have I become? Seriously, this shit is getting weird. 444 more words


Cruising to the Park in a Little Red Wagon

So, of course my mom saved my brother and my “little red wagon.”  Sebastian LOVED getting pulled all the way to the park – he thought it was quite an adventure.   220 more words


Thoughts while scrubbing the kitchen floor...

Thoughts while scrubbing the kitchen floor…

This afternoon, I needed a break from homework. I had already taken a midterm this morning at 7:00 and followed that up with four hours of research for my next speech topic. 964 more words


What Watching My Nana Die Taught Me

“Do you think she can hear us?”
“Oh, her eyes just moved!”
“Nanaaaa, time to get up. Let’s go. You’ve slept long enough.”

My family – big and loud – surrounded a hospital bed that replaced the bed my nana and grandpa once shared. 487 more words


Mi Abuelo

“A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart” — Today is the day my grandpa Benny moves to Las Vegas to stay with my cousins until May. 654 more words


Small grandchildren are here for a few days. Leeya is on fall break from school, dad had woodworking projects, mom had a meetup with ministry girlfriends. 86 more words

The World And My Place In It