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Grandsons are pretty wonderful things to have.One day, while at our house, our youngest grandson, Frankie, wanted to not eat something.  His Mama told him he had to eat them and he decided to call upon his Daddy and appeal his case.   669 more words

10 Reasons Why I Will Continue to Give my Children Handheld Devices

Last week the Huffington Post ran this article titled 10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12.

As an educator who advocates for the intentional and appropriate use of technology, I could go on about this forever. 801 more words

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I'm taking a few minutes to reblog this post because I'm so happy to see a post about the positives of technology. Technology is here to stay and I think it's important that we teach our children how to appropriately take of advantage of all it offers. It shouldn't be used as a "babysitter" or a reward anymore than watching TV should. Technology should simply be a part of life. Take time to learn all there is out there in the technology world for children (and for you). You'll be pleasantly surprised. (Ok , I'm stepping down off my soapbox.) Thanks for a great post Hipmombrarian.

My Sweet Boy

I have one grandson. His name is Noah. He’s almost 4 years old now. For me it was love at first sight. I’m pretty sure he likes me, too. 405 more words


Treasuring the Moment

Friday I had the delight of having my grandsons spend the night with us.  It’s one of my favorite things!

In the morning, after spending time with The Lord, I started some writing. 405 more words

Weekend Images

Grandsons, Kids, what else?  Didn’t go anywhere this weekend just hung around.  Got a surprise visit from my grandsons so here are a couple of images.   71 more words

Fuji Cameras

Secret Sanctum

Was barely eight when first I found,

This hidden hollow for my sticks and stones,

and hunted sea glass; from the world around,

I never tired, in this blissful zone. 148 more words