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I cry because its Thanksgiving

As I sit here this morning pondering life……….I wonder where did the time go?

Where are the young children I raised?

Why are they gone from my home? 436 more words

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1000 Reasons to be Thankful

Our pastor once challenged us to list 1000 reasons why we can be thankful.  I’ve got this–right?  It sounded easy enough–until I started.  Just like my Superheroes would do, I started with my family, my friends, the grass, the trees, the sky (blue sky for sure), dogs, cats (well–maybe).   471 more words

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In the past 20 hours I have started writing this post only to delete it or save it as a draft that I will eventually delete. 214 more words


The Importance of being Pappa.

There is a saying that blood is thicker than water – I say bollocks to that and I have first hand information as to why! 307 more words

Thanksgiving in view

This week’s Friday Five from RevGalBlogPals was all about Thanksgiving. You can read the prompt in the above link. This Thanksgiving, like last years is different. 376 more words

All quiet in the House of Saud?

Gerald Butt, writing for the BBC, is warning us (in my words from here) that the situation past peak production of oil is not the only concern we should have related to Saudi Arabia: being past peak production of the “Sudairi sons” may be similarly concerning, prospectively. 381 more words


Nana's Place

When you come to Nana’s Place, are you coming to our farm?  My husband refers to our 8 acre spot as “the ranch”.  It remains our light-hearted debate.  614 more words

General Audience Posts