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Home Alone.

Here I sit on the eve of my three weeks leave.  Yes three whole weeks is what my beloved daughter has given me and apparently I should be really grateful for the extreme generosity on her part.   413 more words

The Weakest Link.

Have you ever noticed how a small child can make you feel more foolish than Paris Hilton trying her hand at The Weakest Link?  A few choice words and they have reduced you to the dumber part of Dumb and Dumber. 291 more words


I recently made an epic discovery.  Those toys that lie around and junk up your house, your car and your life can sometimes be useful. 369 more words

Lean on Me.

I was looking at the picture of my grandsons leaning on me and realized that this is what being a granny is all about.  I am a leaning post to my little boys.  345 more words

Ain't no Ridge high enough....

I have a dog.  A large dog whose type was bred to flush out the lions, wild pigs and baboons in the early nineteen hundreds and ferociously guard the farms they lived on.  557 more words


KOKUMỌ: Lucille Clifton. Grandsons!!


Photographs, my grandsons spinning in their joy.

keep them turning —turning
black blurs against the window
of the world
for they are beautiful… 26 more words


Parenting — One of the Most Important Things You’ll Ever Do

Becoming a parent is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  It changed my life in ways that I couldn’t begin to understand until many years later.   1,021 more words

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