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Marble Falls, TX

Intro- Established in 1929, Blue Bonnet Cafe is a regional, southern cooking staple(and a regular coffee and pie stop for Donny Cowboy). One that has been on my personal wish list since moving back to Texas. 574 more words

2011-06-21 Yule Ball; Tri-Wizard Challenge

Title: The Yule Ball
Challenge: Tri-Wizard Challenge
Length: 3 X 100
Rating: G
Team: DE
Summary: No sense wasting all this angst on myself….
A/N: Own nothing, no beta, wax on, wax off…


2011-06-19 Worthy; Afterlife Challenge

Title: Worthy
Challenge: Afterlife
Length: 100
Rating: G
Team: DE
Summary: Severus meets Lily in the afterlife…
A/N: Not owned by me, early-ish Sunday morning, un-beta’d little… thing. 118 more words


2011-06-12 What Does The Mirror Think? Mirror Challenge

Title: What Does The Mirror Think?
Challenge: Mirror
Length: 3 X 100
Team: Death Eaters
Rating: G
Pairing: HG and a cheeky mirror (?)
Summary: Does the mirror only show us what we want to see? 314 more words


2011-06-07 Helpless; Nightmare Challenge

Title: Helpless
Category: Nightmare
Team: DEs
Rating: G
A/N: They’re not mine; and yet I care so much about them…


2011-05-18 His Mistress Is... Inanimate Object Challenge

Yeah, alright, this drabble series doesn’t actually have those words in it. I’m feeling very subversive right now!

Title: His Mistress Is…
Challenge: Inanimate Object… 653 more words


2011-05-03 In A Moment; Afterlife Challenge

Now this is a toughie for me. I hope this is exactly how it works, because I’ve been away from him for a long, long time by my reckonings, but he says it feels like mere minutes…. 544 more words