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A field of Daisies :)

I have been hooking again :)

This time I have tried out a free daisy pattern, which you can find here.
Then added some rounds to it to make a granny square type thing, which you can find out how to do… 294 more words


Crochet Interview

Hi everyone,

I did an interview with a casual crocheter, and the responses to the interview paint a picture of what one crocheter is like. The transcript of the interview is displayed below. 266 more words

14 ways to Join your Crochet

I’ve recently seen a lot of crochet blankets being worked on. I have also finished one a few days ago. As a result, I’ve been thinking of the best ways of joining crochet work. 196 more words


yaddle reblogged this and commented:

Wow,  these joins are so pretty! Will have to try these out in future granny square blankets. The one I made for myself and the 2 I made for my daughters were all joined with the "single crochet" method, simply because thats all I knew how to do at the time.

213  Above are the blankets I made for myself (left), Daughter1 (middle) and Daughter2 (right) All joined with the single crochet method.  Looking forward to trying out some of the more interesting joins in the post below!


Grand Granny Square

Knitting is my sport. I’m  not much of a crocheter (crochetess? crochetrina?). But the one thing I can do with a crochet hook and yarn is make a granny square. 125 more words



I’ve been having a huge disagreement with my Kauni. One three quarters done knit shawl and three crochet false starts later… I’m trying again with just the most basic of granny square patterns from memory. 161 more words


Crochet Creations

I can’t sit still. Even when I’m sitting still, I have to be doing something. I’ve gone through many “crafty” phases, including Scrapbooking and cross-stitching. Scrapbooking, I just never had the creativity to keep it going. 321 more words


Crochet Alfresco

It’s so nice to have all the family together over this lovely long weekend. We’ve had plenty of sunshine here too and so lots of opportunity to get out in the garden. 248 more words