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Kick Ass Women: Stahma Tarr (Defiance)

My current must-see programme is Defiance (Syfy, currently half way through season 2). It’s proper sci fi, with a wild west kind of atmosphere (there’s even a sheriff). 296 more words


DEFIANCE: This is the Way the World Ends

Defiance 213: “I Almost Prayed”

We pick up right where the last episode left off.  New York City is being destroyed by the terraspires and terraspheres that Kaziri unleashed upon it.  2,083 more words


DEFIANCE: Relationships are Hard. They’re Even Harder When You’re Crazy

Defiance 212: “All Things Must Pass”

At this point it’s clear that, while the Tarrs are estranged, they appear to be having more sex now than ever. 1,603 more words


DEFIANCE: Speaking for the Dead

Defiance 211, “Doll Parts”

When Syfy released the mid-season preview trailer for Defiance, one of the clips showed someone taking a header from the arch, presumably to their death.  1,149 more words


DEFIANCE: Down Among the Dead Men

Defiance 210, “Bottom of the World”

At the top of the hour, Irisa breaks into an E-Rep garrison to steal a terrasphere.  As she flees the scene of the crime, Nolan waylays her and gives the terrasphere back to the E-Rep.  1,279 more words


DEFIANCE: I Am What I Think You Think I Am

Defiance 209, “Painting from Memory”

So, obviously after the events of last episode, the big hubbub this episode is the return of Kenya Rosewater to Defiance after disappearing for the better part of a year.  1,287 more words


DEFIANCE: Rumors of Her Death Were Greatly Exaggerated…

Defiance 208, “Slouching Toward Bethlehem”

At the lead-in, Nolan and Irisa finally have that long delayed father-daughter talk they’ve needed since they reunited in Angelarc at the beginning of the season. 1,139 more words