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What I thought of The Multiversity: Guidebook

Thoughts about The Multiversity #1,  Society of Super Heroes, The Just Pax Americana and Thunderworld Adventures.

If I’m spending over a fiver on a superhero comic it really, really has to be special, and sadly, the Multiversity: Guidebook is a stew that features some nice meaty chunks but often feels half cooked. 575 more words


Grant Morrison's Batman - The Plan

This post represents the framework for a semi-crazy idea I had. One that came to me in those moments of time between getting in bed and falling asleep. 2,840 more words

Comic Books


I had to go to the comic shop right away today after work because it is Multiversity day. The BEST day of the month. Once a month Morrison and an artist of his choosing release a one-shot titled Multiversity with a different secondary title each issue. 309 more words


Four Comics I Want This NCBD: 2015/01/28

Wednesday is NCBD (new comic book day) in most of the USA and it brings weekly volumes of graphical goodness to all the comic loving girls and boys! 594 more words


My Favorite Superman Stories

Sometime this year I’m scheduled to work on a Superman fan film. Honestly, Superman isn’t my favorite superhero but he’s unavoidable if you collect comics (at least in the 1970s and 80s). 1,128 more words


Check Out These 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About 'The Matrix'

Despite some plot holes and less than satisfactory sequels, The Matrix still holds up as a sci-fi classic. It’s earned plenty of pop culture credibility, revolutionized certain cinematic techniques, and ruined many others. 315 more words