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Cripes, comics, eh? They’re a rum old game. Weeks go by where all there is to buy from the periodical section of the local Dr. Who… 1,894 more words


Review: Zenith Phase 1

Written by Grant Morrison

Art by Steve Yeowell

Lettering by Mark King

Published by Rebellion


This is essential. It’s one of those words that gets bandied around a lot but in this case it’s absolutely true; this is one of the blueprints not just for modern superhero comics but the modern sensibility in comics. 515 more words

Exquisite Reviews

What I thought of Annihilator #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3

Annihilator with each issues really is the sort of comic that would have made a serious impact, but now it’s going over old ground, and with the splendid Rick Spears comic, … 118 more words


What I thought of The Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures

Thoughts about The Multiversity #1,  Society of Super Heroes, The Just and Pax Americana

Last issue we saw Morrison being ‘inspired’ by Alan Moore’s… 223 more words


Millireview: Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely - Pax Americana

I’ll let Mr Morrison be after this, I promise, but I just wanted to get a few things off my chest. This comic is so heavy with  references to 1986’s seminal game-changing… 315 more words

Crappin' On About The Inconsequential

Growing up with the X-Men

“Da na na na NA NA!”

That’s supposed to be the X-Men Animated Series theme song. Remember that? If you’re a member of my generation, should be a fond memory… 1,260 more words


"Imagination is the Fifth Dimension" - Garry Mac on Grant Morrison

I’m smoking a cigarette, looking out my back window at a large tree. It has a sturdy trunk and many limbs, each with their own spindly branches sprouting from it. 2,657 more words