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Comic Book Bios: Constantine (Hellblazer)

For a character with over 25 years of history, it’s amazing how little people know of him. John Constantine is chain smoking magician from Liverpool, capable of simple magic tricks, fighting the supernatural using cunning, deception and trickery to succeed, often gaining more enemies than allies. 657 more words


Every Panel Ever: Panel Four

What’s the best way to get people interested in comics? Show them some comics. Every day The Spire posts a comics panel, with the ultimate goal of one day having posted every single panel which has ever been written, drawn, edited, inked, coloured, and lettered. 269 more words


Grant Morrison's Spiritual Experience

Mindblowing description from comic writer Grant Morrison on his spiritual OBE epiphany told to Kevin Smith, a youtube rarity at less than 500 views and a personal recommendation from Ultraconsciousness. 26 more words

Chaos Magic

THE MULTIVERSITY: This is why I read Grant Morrison

Title: The Multiversity #1
Writer Grant Morrison
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado
Colorist: Nei Ruffino
Cover Price: $4.99 (38 pages)

Grant Morrison can be a frustrating author to read. 818 more words


Am I but a Savage? - Animal Man Pt1 - Angel Hayes

Hello there again. Getting back into the swing of things here. I usually have a very strict comic analysis format. It has a lot to do with how I read through the panels and my intense desire to share the comic with you in the same fashion that I absorb its panels. 1,053 more words

90s DC

Multiversity #1 (DC Comics)

 CREDIT: DC Comics

Rating: 4.5/5 – A Fascinating Journey That Leaves the Reader With More Questions Than Answers.
by ComicSpectrum Reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

To say there’s a lot going on within the first issue of Multiversity is an understatement. 592 more words


A mad bastard's adventures across the multiverse

Podcast – Doctor Who: Deep Breath and Grant Morrison’s Multiversity #1

He’s walked with giants, gods, 5th dimensional beings and aliens from every corner of time and space. 60 more words