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Hot Potato

The Story

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that the word potato means housing minister.

No, seriously.

Now recall the classic children’s rhyme: One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato…Four! 1,551 more words

UK Housing

Rump Parliament

Given the long history of British democracy, it is almost reassuring to know that politics in 1648 was just as sordid as politics in 2014. 844 more words


It takes more than Eric Pickles, Patrick McLoughlin and NBE16 to stop a lap-dancing club

Imagine Ashbourne in twenty year’s time. It’s a very different place than we have now. Overlooking the whole town centre is a 12-storey block of flats built on the edge of the Rec. 1,554 more words



I get these annoying and quite contradictory emails from both Labour and Conservatie Party HQ’s.

Each one is laughable in its own way and they speak to me, therefore everyone, like I am some sort of idiot and completely shite at mathematics 101. 394 more words

Grant Shapps says "This is serious, I need you to give me £10"

Some time back I managed to get myself on the Tory Party spam list. I keep meaning to unsubscribe, but I also want to know what bullshit they’ll come out with next. 341 more words


The Tory Party's dodgy use of stats

At PMQs today, Ed Miliband questioned David Cameron on the NHS. In response to a wuestion on the 18 week target, Cameron claimed the number waiting 18 weeks had fallen since the election. 306 more words


Britain Dismisses Bakri Asylum Request and Claims of Torture

British officials have rejected a request from radical Islamist Omar Bakri’s London based family to give him asylum in Britain over alleged torture in a Lebanese prison. 501 more words