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Story time in Kansas City


Well, October baseball is at least guaranteed now”, as I couldn’t help but overhear a fan during the final pitching change in the 12th inning of the Royals- A’s contest. 878 more words

Bill Simmons

Never been a fan of Bill Simmons. Perhaps it’s because he’s an obnoxious Celtics fan. Perhaps it’s his vile hatred for the Lakers. But when he got suspended by ESPN last week for calling out Roger Goodell in the Ray Rice case, I instantly became a Simmons supporter. 105 more words

Bill Simmons

Other Support for the #FreeSimmons and #GoodellMustGo #ESPNboycott

I’m not the only one voicing support for Bill Simmons; check out these outlets that have spoken up for the Grantland editor-in-chief:

ThefmProject has written multiple posts supporting Bill Simmons and deploring ESPN’s summary suspension of Simmons. 212 more words


ESPN didn't suspend Bill Simmons for calling Roger Goodell a liar

ESPN didn’t suspend Bill Simmons for calling Roger Goodell a liar.

This much is apparent because, had this been the actual justification for the Worldwide Leader’s three-week ban of the Sports Guy, ESPN would be looking at a pretty thin roster of commentators after the Ray Rice scandal and Adrian Peterson story broke. 928 more words


The Bill Simmons Situation

Bill Simmons. I’ve mentioned his name before. The best there is when it comes to sports journalism. Creator of Grantland.com and the “B.S. Report” podcast. His name has come up a lot in social media over the last couple days. 440 more words


Crossing the Rubicon

September 26, 2014

Depending on your frame of reference, the Rubicon is either a version of Jeep Wrangler, or part of a fairly common idiom which refers to… 1,767 more words