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Easter Fruit Salad

Happy Easter everyone! Whether or not you’re celebrating the holiday, it’s a beautiful day for brunch with friends and family! This delicious fruit salad recipe is super healthy and yummy for any meal – I could eat it all day long! 88 more words

Gordon Ramsay Makes My Skin Crawl

Let me clarify my title up front; it’s really not the guy who gives me the willies but what he does. Here in Torrevieja Spain on the local cable TV they show lots of American television shows. 563 more words

For Nuun Active Hydration Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets Grape

For those working in industries that require the use of a system of tubes, such as those in heat exchangers or condensers, good tube cleaning equipment is a must. 320 more words

European Fruit Spoon Rest Tuscany Grape

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Save $ 21 ! Buy a European Fruit Spoon Rest Tuscany Grape now and save off the regular price. The information of Best Cooking Utensils great deals are updated daily. 20 more words

Grape Jam

I’ve always been a raspberry jam girl – with seeds! Strawberry was consumed, but not accepted when we ran out of raspberry. There was always 5 or 6 jars of half consumed strawberry jam in the fridge growing up. 101 more words


Forest Fruit & Peach Lemonade

I don’t even want to talk about how hard drinks and ice cream are to photograph. If it’s any token to you, you should have had a fabulous, amazing, delicious, now that i think about it soft serve ice cream recipe a few days ago. 303 more words


Dieters? Go ahead, INDULGE! but do it mindfully

With all of the varied diets that are promoted all over the place, what’s a woman that wants to stay healthy to do?

So by now, most of us know we shouldn’t “diet”. 477 more words

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