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Ice Green Amber in Sterling Silver Grapevine Ring

Amber is the fossilized resin from ancient forests. Green amber is coated. Special care has to be given as moisture, heat, etc could remove the paint. 11 more words

day two hundred five. haha

Ok, today is 205. I so mixed up my days last night. And yes, I googled the day number again. Haha

It’s been a good week guys, nice and productive. 419 more words

New Construction Update: Lakeside Tower and Bungalows

Every time I drive by Lakeside DFW, I get more and more excited as new buildings pop up and the work forges ahead! If you’re also intrigued by the lifestyle Lakeside DFW will offer, maybe you should look into one of the units in… 209 more words

Malaya Blue, Sadie Jemmett, Das Fenster @ Grapevine, Bedfords 23 July 2014

Malaya Blue, Sadie Jemmett, Das Fenster (solo) at Grapevine @ Bedfords, Norwich, 23 July 2014

Upstairs at Bedfords was rammed on this very warm summer evening, probably especially so for the two troupers behind the bar. 967 more words

Live Music And Dance

Grapevine Evaluations Scholarship

A very close friend of mine put together a presentation for the Student Leadership Conference at our school entitled, “Understanding People.” His main premise, which I helped him put into a clear, concise form, was that in order to effectively manage a group of people, you need to first find out what they are good at, then get them to do what they are good at, and finally, keep them doing what they are good at. 742 more words


He said you said she said you said

There nothing more annoying then a game of Chinese whispers you weren’t invited to. When things are said across/through/between people so many times that no one can really remember what was said or who said it. 63 more words


Play Nintendo Tour 2014

We went to the Play Nintendo Tour in Grapevine last month. There were six different areas setup for the different games plus a Mario Kart Tournament area. 569 more words