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Facebook as a sourcing tool

As we all know that Facebook is the largest database of resource available in this globe, we still consider it as a weak tool for recruiters. 87 more words

Candidate Search

Transit Node Routing Reconsidered. Arz, Luxen, Sanders. Experimental Algorithms 2013.

<These notes are from the arxiv version>

  1. “Transit Node Routing (TNR) is a fast and exact distance oracle for road networks.”
  2. This paper
    1. Provides a means of speeding up preprocessing by an order of magnitude…
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playing with Facebook's graph search

Here is a nice post on Facebook’s graph search with several examples: link.

Some commands:

  • People from who work at
  • Restaurants nearby liked by my friends…
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Hey, is anybody watching Facebook?

The Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013 kicked off a flurry of social media activity that was equal parts well-meaning and counterproductive. Users on Facebook and Twitter shared reports, updates and photos of victims, spending little time on verifying them before sharing them with thousands of people. 1,306 more words

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An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark:

You have lost focus. Please get it back.

As a longtime Facebook user, advertiser and publisher, I think your company is losing the plot, and is in danger of repeating the mistakes made by companies like Kodak, Polaroid, Sony, Myspace, BlackBerry and others. 828 more words