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Facebook never forgets: Now users can search your status updates on mobile

Facebook’s mobile search tool might finally match the utility of its online counterpart.

A limited number of users can now search their friends’ status updates — a feature that’s already available on the Facebook website — through the company’s mobile application, … 608 more words


Facebook wants to let mobile users run keyword searches on friends' profiles

Facebook has finally realized that you might want to use your mobile device to dig back into content your friends have posted in the past. And it’s working on it. 232 more words


Weekly output: Facebook Messenger, Evernote business-card scanning, right to be forgotten, Miracast

This week allowed me to cross one tech-related item off my bucket list: operate a soldering iron without injury to myself or anybody else. More on that later… 330 more words

Weekly Output

Austrian activist ropes Facebook users into his class-action lawsuit against the company

Updated at 9:25 a.m. Pacific with comment from Schrems.

Facebook users outside the United States and Canada can now join in an Austrian’s class-action lawsuit against Facebook that seeks damages for data sharing, analysis of users, and other practices. 224 more words


Làm sao để quảng cáo trên Facebook hiệu quả (phần 2)

Tiếp nối nội dung của bài viết trước, quảng cáo Facebook sẽ hiệu quả hơn về mặt marketing nếu như bạn biết rằng:

Reach không nói lên hiệu quả của quảng cáo của bạn… 1,417 more words

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Tôi làm gì khi organic reach trên Facebook về 0%?

Nếu bạn nào đang quản lý các fanpage của các thương hiệu hay công ty, thấy rằng organic reach (reach tự nhiên) giảm xuống nghiêm trọng trong các báo cáo mạng xã hội thì tôi nghĩ bài viết này sẽ có ích với bạn và hi vọng sẽ có những ý kiến đóng góp thông qua bình luận phía dưới để hoàn thiện hơn phương pháp. 2,784 more words

0% Organic Reach

Facebook as a sourcing tool

As we all know that Facebook is the largest database of resource available in this globe, we still consider it as a weak tool for recruiters. 87 more words

Candidate Search