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Watercolor Out the Wazoo!

In previous posts I’ve talked a bit about a crazy watercolor technique that I like to use. I was once unenthusiastic about watercolor because I generally found it to be wussy and boring. 903 more words


And So It Begins

Just finished my first layout pin up sorting out the order of my book. Only a few week until I get this printed!

Graphic Design/ Illustration

The Works of Lora Zombie Present Vibrant Colours, Inspiring Designs and Skulls

Girls Loves Skulls – Lora Zombie

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been particularly interested in Lora Zombie, a painter / illustrator from Russia who has created a series of colourful, eclectic designs that are combined with influential icons and pop culture references. 507 more words


Chocolate Town

A greedy supremo makes people rebel.
Masses are often afraid to rel against those officials because ‘officials are an authority’.
‘Chocolate town’ hopes to show the phenomenon of the modern society – masses are oppressed by officials. 12 more words

Graphic Design / Illustration

Pubbing Reminder

A mobile app design for increasing the awareness of pedestrians who are using mobile phones are at increased the risk of causing injury to themselves and others. 30 more words

Graphic Design / Illustration

Why so serious?

How does a rainbow form? Let’s check it out!

Final piece of Design Studio Assignment at RMIT. 6 more words

Graphic Design / Illustration


A stop-motion film themed around daddy and his daughter, also about the environment.

Graphic Design / Illustration