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Graphic Design History Notes

Tiggs, Teal (2009) Designing Graphic Design History. In: Journal of Design History, Vol 22 (4). Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 325-340

What is Graphic Design history and what could it be? 473 more words


Imports of the world coffee packaging design.

Left: Charrieriana (Cameroon), middle: Pacas (El Salvador), right: Colombian (Colombia). A DesignExelance.com project.


International Vintage Car Show

Design of Promotional Items for an International Vintage Car Show. Large format posters, T-shirts and carry bags. A DesignExelance.com project. 39 more words


Direct Security Systems, Bridgnorth, 2014

“Direct Security Systems (Midlands) Limited” burglar alarm, Bridgnorth • Now into the Midlands, with a square bellbox so typical of the area. • Spotted: West Castle Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16, England, 2014 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Ludlow

Burglar Alarm


Japanese illustrator Kimiaki Yaegashi, Okimi, is “responsible for some of the strangest imagery you’ll probably ever encounter. His bikini babe surrounded by a set of faithful sidekicks, with an endless appetite for pizza, are key protagonists in this incomparably sexual surrealism with its irresistible pop appeal.” His works are very original and kinda disturbing, love it! 12 more words