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Chibi Hero

Hey everyone, posting another class project; Chibi self portrait of ourselves as a “hero” from something like Maple Story.  Initial sketch on paper, linework and colour on illustrator.   20 more words

Art Rants

first steps of tayming

Tayma, a name

|the one who passionately loves. The beloved.| 

الأَرْضُ الوَاسِعَةُ الْمُضِلَّةُ الْمُهْلِكَة

|the vast, deadly and misleading land|

Welcome to my blog. I am a full time… 53 more words


Meet The Style Bandita

style (stahyl): an elegant, fashionable,

or luxurious mode ofliving

bandita (ban-dit-a): feminine form of

bandito; an outlaw, member of a gang

known especially for ostentation… 86 more words


Delivery Systems III -Word Press Themes, Final Class

The time has come, and I almost couldn’t be more excited to be done with Web.  But I am anxious to see if I can begin to create my own Word press themes, and see if I can make a little bit of coin and help put me through my Bachelors program Social Media after I finish Graphic Arts and Design. 103 more words

Some Self Promotion

I’ve just worked this up for some square postcards and a3s. A fairly quick evenings work.
Head of an eagle over an art nouveau lady. 18th century map in the background with a skull plus machinery hat. 20 more words

Stuff For Your Eyes