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Karol Banach - Winter Illustrations

Karol Banach is an illustrator based in Torun, Poland currently attending Nicolaus Copernicus University for graphic design. Banach creates incredibly fun yet intricate surreal drawings that incorporate pop culture symbolism.


Style Diary: Hutker Architects Goes Graphic On Martha’s Vineyard by Beauty and Hairstyle

Hutker Architects coined a term for the style of house they’ve been busily building on Martha’s Vineyard for the past 25 years: “new regional vernacular.” Peter Cappuccino, lead architect on this project explains it as using traditional forms and familiar supplies but applying them in… if you want to view full content please visit this … 7 more words

Black and white photography: line up

Dearest Odyssians,

Lining up my ducks in a row.
My phone made a great funny typo with the word ducks.
I won’t put it back to what it was but you can guess.
O and om.

1000 Words

|| This Generation's 'Jordan'

Is it fair to call L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant “this generation’s Michael Jordan” or is it LeBron James?