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Finished another piece last night.  Thought I’d post it here just because creating things like this makes me joyful. Thought it was appropriate!  :)



VICTORIA SIEMER’S BLOG: http://witchoria.com/

“The inversed image creates the uncanny effect of a monolithic mirror that towers over the photograph like a kind of portal…the images are open for interpretation, but her work often deals with the idea of visual or emotional fragmentation.”


Paint by numbers

Often, the space between black & white leaves room for imagination. Filling in the blanks of reality is sometimes like painting by numbers.

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Insignificant Event

Got a new iPhone (5C). Playing with apps, some old, some new. This photo was taken with native camera, then processed through Retromatic, Waterlogue, ImageBlender, XNView FX, and I think that’s it…

Deliberate Distortion