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Using my GRAPHICS TABLET (for the first time- little review)


Today I got my graphics tablet and wanted to have a little go, I’ve had it for years but never thought about actually using it or was a little put off by how difficult it might be… 248 more words


Started writing this listening to  : Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson, for the first time, which lasted all of 2 mins 28 seconds. REPLAY!

I decided to write an update. 552 more words


Note to self: How to Digimend Huion tablet driver install

git clone Nikolai’s huion-driver repo from github to a local folder:

$ git clone https://github.com/DIGImend/huion-driver.git

cd into the directory huion-driver:

$ cd huion-driver
$ make…
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back in business! (sort of)

my poor computer has been restored to its former glory! (and by former glory i mean most of the time functioning at ~60% efficiency). drS came to my rescue again and we ended up uninstalling the whole gui and reinstalling it, then everything was fine. 211 more words


Bug eye bitch.

Photoshop, with my new graphics tablet :)


Triumph Legend Flyscreen

I liked the idea of adding a flyscreen to my 1998 Legend, not that it will keep much wind off, but it will allow me to extend the much admired colour scheme.

Cars And Bikes


I’ve been working on a new project today but I’m not really much of a drawer because I come from a photography, mixed media, textiles background but here are my developments.