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How much does the ink/graphite/lead on a piece of written paper weigh.

I was pondering this in relation to a question in a physics quiz and noticed that there didnt seem to be a valid answer on the internet…or anywhere else. 53 more words

Even Gods Were Young Once

As promised, I’m writing about Herne the Hunter today. He is a deity with which I have a close affinity, so naturally I wanted to include him in my portraits of Death Deities. 577 more words


Midterms Time!

It’s that time of the semester! MIDTERMS! And of course my lovely boyfriend’a birthday falls right in the middle of this crazy time of the semester. 134 more words

“Kiss me so I’ll be able to feel it when we’re apart.”

The wizard Isaac is leaving on a royal spy mission, leaving behind his warrior captain wife Rivka for a few days. It’s my birthday today, so I’m posting pure self-indulgence. 25 more words

A View into the Studio

Other than the work I do in the classroom, I also have a strong studio practice. Like all artists, I often struggle to strike a balance between the work I do for other people and the work I do for myself. 419 more words