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Introverts Unite (At Your Own Separate Locations)

I have a man who is in charge of recruiting at a college frequently complain to me about Facebook and how he doesn’t like/understand it. I find this extremely amusing and somewhat tragic as he’s a… 512 more words

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Google Ngram Viewer: Social Issues and Arts of the 1800s

This program is very interesting and useful because there are endless possibilities to what combinations you can submit and view. For this time period however, 1800-1900, puts a limit on what key terms we can use. 234 more words

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Google Ngram Graphs

My first Google Ngram graph features my favorite word, “prestidigitation,” and other words that relate to it ["illusion" and "magic"] so that I could see which was the most popularly used.   345 more words

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The Day of 0 Views

I’ve been pretty uninspired recently, I’ll admit, so my two creative writing posts didn’t materialise this week. I’m really trying to try really hard, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. 284 more words


Boston Says Hello

This week I was able to visit the CARD Plymouth and CARD Woburn clinics.  What a beautiful time to visit Massachusetts.  I guess I am what the natives call a “leaf peeper.”  Well, they are amazing!  449 more words


Graphs & Trees - Shortest Path (BFS, Dijkstra, Bellman Ford)

Before exploring this topic, it will help if you go through my previous blog on graph basics which covers the different types of graphs, their representations & different searching techniques. 2,132 more words