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NYT "Chronicle" Tool Charts Use of Individual Words in Articles Since 1851

If you had anything productive to do today, stop reading now.

Otherwise, come on in and waste your time! The New York Times has opened up its… 101 more words

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Our inflation graph (core and raw CPI) has been updated with today’s data release: http://pseudotrue.com/cpi.


Data Visual: 7/21

I thought it would be prudent today to post a graph summarizing the tweets that occurred over the week in Switzerland for the 2014 DH conference. 18 more words


Weekly Round-Up 13.07.14 (delayed uploading)

Work has been so busy this week, so I hadn’t had time to upload this.  I had written by weekly update on Wednesday, but ran out of time to upload it: 1,522 more words


The Rise and Fall of English Cricket, 2009-2014

As promised, I bring you a graph of England’s recent form. In fact, two graphs, because since reading this thread on England’s lowest moments since they became number one, I’ve decided it makes a lot of sense to divide the period I’m looking at into two sections of ten series each. 718 more words

How to Fix Axis Labels in PowerPoint

Do you know how to moving the axis labels when a PowerPoint chart/graph has both positive and negative values? Well, by default PowerPoint will the horizontal axis labels near the axis. 123 more words


As expected, MLB TV looks like the best deal in sports

Polygon had a news item today (http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/16/5910419/nfl-sunday-ticket-xbox-ps4) that you can now buy NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions without a cable or satellite TV subscription. For a ton of money. 209 more words