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Voters unfairly disenfranchised: 113,155

So, here is my traditional moan about how much I hate our ridiculously high, undemocratic threshold. With graphs, because it’s pretty reasonable to be visual about these things: 581 more words


Graphs You've Never Even Dreamed of...

This is so exciting!!!!! (Sorry English teachers out there, I just had to put all those exclamation marks) you may call me a nerd, but being one has its benefits, for example, I can do the following… 410 more words


ggplot in R (III)

Avoid Overplotting

Plots can become cluttered or unclear because:

  1. There is too many data to present in a single plot
  2. Data on a plot overlap.
  3. 310 more words

This Never Gets Old

Via this

Brilliant… if you an engineer you will surely love this!!


Week 8: As intelligence goes up, happiness often goes down. In fact, I made a graph. I make a lot of graphs.

In this response, I’m going to firstly look through some of the theoretical content surrounding this week’s lecture, and secondly, look at some examples of visualisation that I really like, and some that I am more dubious about. 633 more words

Tutorial: How to mesh with distance fields?

Hi everyone!

Long summer and new tutorials coming. This time I would like to show you how to mesh the distance field using particles, meshes or vdb format with graphs. 48 more words


Visualisation: its ups and downs (graphics-wise)

There are multiple, and vastly different, contexts in which visualisation and transparent data operate; and most of the time, we don’t really pay second attention to it. 507 more words