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Good Vibrations

If someone mentions The Beach Boys, either this or God only Knows immediately comes to mind.
It’s that time of year folks, the yellow and white satellites are raising their heads and the grass is turning Triffyd. 121 more words

My Life

Don't Bogart that Joint

A 4/20 Song for drug users and junkies everywhere. I forget the name of the group that did it. Maybe Justin and the Junkies (I forget). 179 more words

Bear Hunt

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: and we’re going to catch a bright purple one!

Hide a teddy bear, hold onto those little hands and find that Bear! 57 more words


High holiday on 4/20 calls for special kind of Easter grass

It’s a special time of year, made even more special for marijuana users. Yes, it’s both Easter Sunday and 4/20: if that means nothing to you, congratulations. 256 more words



searching the old corn field
for grub be it bug or blade



I have had some requests for pictures with more than one puppy at once.  We find it rather difficult to do first of all, because when one is looking your way the other is looking the opposite. 126 more words

English Golden Retriever