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Tricky Grasscloth Job

OK, to you, it’s a beautiful entry cloaked in the warm color and texture of grasscloth. But there is a LOT of work that went into this – 2 1/2 days, in fact, not counting the day and a half to prep the space. 248 more words

Switch Plate Screws on Grasscloth

Some people like to cover switch plates with wallpaper. I much prefer the crisp look of clean plates against the paper. And if covered with wallpaper, they will get dirty quickly, because oil from hands will eventually stain the paper. 69 more words

Grasscloth in an Entry, Bullnosed Edges

Here’s one of those jobs that’s easy to look at, but you don’t realize how difficult and time consuming it was to hang. It took a full day to hang this one wall, with its recessed door niche, and the short pieces under the curved stairwell. 155 more words

{bold and beautiful wallpaper trends for 2015}

Wallpaper Wednesday: Hot Wallpaper Prints, Colors and Textures for 2015

Wallpaper continues to gain popularity with homeowners and designers. Here is our look at wallpaper trends for 2015 – the hot colors, prints and textures – from some of the top manufacturers. 663 more words

Design Inspiration

Today, I hung a smoky teal blue grasscloth in a nicely done apartment over a garage in the Montrose area of Houston(will do the second wall tomorrow). 500 more words

Spliced Roll of Grasscloth

You are looking at the back of a strip of grasscloth. See the slightly darker horizontal stripe, between my scissors and razor blade? That is a piece of paper that the manufacturer has pasted across the back of the strip, covering the joint where one strip of paper ended and the next one began. 61 more words

If You Choose Grasscloth, Expect to See Paneling

There is nothing wrong here – this is what grasscloth is supposed to look like. It is, according to the manufacturers, “part of the inherent natural beauty of the natural material.” 278 more words