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Heritage Angus Burgers on a Portobello Mushroom with Caramelized Onions

I made a happy discovery the other week thanks to someone in the AIP and Paleo Canada Facebook group:

In Canada, if beef is “Rangefed”, that means it is grass-fed – litterally, it is free-range on grass…  That means that the… 594 more words


Grass Fed Mini Meatballs and Minced "Rice"

For years and years I had a preference for protein choices outside of the red meat category.

Boy has that changed.

I’ve come to CRAVE… 270 more words


Will Bike for Burger

Yesterday M and I participated in Ciclavia “Iconic Wilshire Blvd.,” albeit kinda backwards.  That is, we rode to the end of the course, from Santa Monica to Wilshire and Fairfax, then a mile up Fairfax to the old Farmer’s Market. 482 more words

Animal Management and Animal Welfare at the Snake River Farm PART 7

By: Tom Barthel, Snake River Farm

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Customers,

This letter is part of a series.

This letter is about cattle.

We sell grass-fed beef. 1,542 more words

Grassfed Beef

Slow-Roasted Beef Brisket

I slow roasted this tiny roast for 8 hours, then shredded it. Served it over my Naked Guac, then topped with salsa. Virtually effortless decadent meal. Do this! You deserve it !

Fast And Freaking Easy Paleo

The Ivy Street Weekend: Counterpoint

On 25th St. in Golden Hill, just south of a Broadway, is a somewhat small, unassuming restaurant that just happens to be one of the neighborhood’s, if not the city’s, finest restaurants. 333 more words


Restaurant Nora: Beef Tenderloin Tartare

When a maître d’ asks how I’d like my steak cooked, I always answer tartare. This usually warrants a laugh or a snarl, because no one likes an off-menu order, especially when it involves making a rare meat mush and folding in delicate herbs. 303 more words