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What No One Tells You About Working in Non-Profits

or maybe they do, but you always thought they were exaggerating

A career in non-profits is unforgiving.

Being a part of the non-profit world is like that scene in… 1,167 more words

Unsolicited Advice

Part A, Day 5 Fri 19 Dec

Remember this? Sewing for an inflatable sea anemone to go over a ute?

To this:

And finally this:

Incredible hey? More to come soon, including a final interview/wrap up with Village director/Art Camp facilitator Ian Pidd, and many many finished photos. 20 more words

Falls Festival

From 2005 issue 7 of the Ogra Fianna Fail Newsletter 'Grassroots'

From 2005 issue 7 of the Ogra Fianna Fail Newsletter ‘Grassroots’ . Uploaded in pdf here or click on the image to launch.
Other issues of ‘Grassroots’ are posted here

Irish Politics

Day 4 Thurs 18 Dec

Raise your hand if you can sew on a button?

*Hand stays down*

But I can type, and I can put out into the ether how utterly impressed I am by everyone working and playing at Art Camp! 1,015 more words

Art Camp

Who engages with people who are homeless?

A 22-year old student has hit the headlines this week after she encountered the kindness of a homeless man in Preston and decided to raise money online to help him get off the streets.   285 more words


Day 3 Weds 17 Dec

Ever walked inside a cow’s mouth and tried to work? It felt a bit like that in the shed today- lots of shiny humid faces and armpit stains, with a whir of standing fans pushing hot air back and forth. 574 more words

Art Camp