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State Capitol Buildings: A Never-ending Hobby

Here’s a site sure to interest anyone in lobbying…

State Capitol Buildings Are My Never-ending Hobby, Site Index. Fascinating facts about all 50 state capitols and capitals. 19 more words


Politics as usual?

Last night’s SNP Edinburgh Eastern branch meeting saw the Jewel Miners Club packed out once more, in an event that served to accentuate both the opportunities and the difficulties associated with the staggering growth of the Party.  672 more words


The challenge for NZ's political youth

(For our opening week, we asked all our contributors to think about why they’re On The Left, and what the next three years holds for the left, the government, and New Zealand.) 887 more words

Social Justice

SD Eibar - Showing how Football Clubs can be sustainable and successful

If there is one thing that is associated with Professional Football now a days, it is money. Money for buying clubs, large transfer fees, exorbitant weekly player salaries, there are few if any other professional sports that can stand up with the sheer scale of money that goes through Football. 398 more words


ANTZ try to redefine "astroturf" to mean "anything they don't like"

by Carl V Phillips

CASAA is amused, proud, and annoyed (but mostly amused) to be the topic of a new research paper. Of course, we have been mentioned in papers a dozen times before, not including in our own work, and are most proud of being mentioned as the sponsor of Igor Burstyn’s seminal… 2,698 more words


Book Review: Grassroots for Hire

Title: Grassroots for Hire

Author: Edward T. Walker

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Copyright: 2014

ISBN13: 978-1-107-61901-2

Length: 282

Price: $32.99

Rating: 96%

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the publisher. 785 more words

Book Reviews

From Coup to Coop

63 days at site.

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened. PCVs were all evacuated to South Africa for 3 weeks due to the coup launched against the prime minister backed by the police, by the leader of the opposition party backed by the military. 1,668 more words