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April 18, 2014

Another clean day of eating! woohoo! I feel better.Wait, let me retype:I FEEL BETTER! I feel empowered! Last night at Pt (which I didn’t skip), I forgot that I was supposed to get on the bike. 121 more words

Faith in humanity has been restored.

I’m grateful, to this world, to the people who are selfless, to the people who are willing to lend a helping hand, in this case, it’s a helping bike. 385 more words



These days it seems difficult to build a real friendship. You know… The kind of friend that is there for you, in good times and in bad times, whom you laugh with and can cry with, someone you can have a serious talk with, someone who is just as crazy as you are… Someone who picks you up when you are down and tells you to have faith, that it’ll work out. 294 more words

Every day that you breathe, sync

Every day that you Breathe, be Grateful
Every day that you are grateful, Smile
Every day that you Smile, feel Light
Every day that you feel Light, Sync… 40 more words

Get In Sync

Day 15 of #100HappyDays


I woke up today wondering what the day would bring. I’ve decided that it’s best not to think about the future and live whatever is thrown at me, for better or worst. 561 more words

next year

Did you just feel that?  It was a slight shift in the universe.

I walked out to my mailbox and found an envelope hand addressed.  You know that moment when you sift through the grocery ads, the junk mail, maybe a bill (if you still receive paper bills) and a padded envelope with a book you ordered for one of your Grands…..you spy upon high quality paper, his and your name, written in cursive? 603 more words

Greater Good Center's Review of Making Grateful Kids

How to Make Grateful Kids

Many parents I know worry that their kids don’t seem grateful for all that they have in their lives. Instead, their children seem to value possessions—clothes, toys, and electronic gadgets—more than the people and relationships that sustain and nurture them. 20 more words

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