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Prayer for July 29th

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…
Dear Lord,

We come to you today and we lift our voices to praise you. We are told that you inhabit the praises of your people. 348 more words


Sleep Study, Myotherapy & RCH visit

What a day! Picked up my loves from Monash Children’s Hospital at 7am, then a quick super-food breaky at our fav café Merchant’s Guild (best chai in town!!).Then a pit stop at my parents home to bath Chiara and wash off all the glue that was all over her head from the sleep study due to the many electrodes stuck to her. 375 more words



When the person you love the most is not with you physically half the time you are together, and indefinitely so, you learn to appreciate things in a whole new way. 589 more words


New doctor

Tomorrow is the day when change begins. I am nervous and excited. I have had the same doctor for a year. We have worked very hard to make it work. 460 more words


Day 288/365 and Happy Day 100

I am grateful for 100 happy days! And for my 100th Happy Day, I share with you my treasure box. I can’t show you what’s inside, but it contains one of my heartfelt desires.

Yay for 100 days!

365 Days Of Gratitude


Some feelings though as profound as they are, can be very difficult to explain. In many occasions in my life, I have compared it to the lives of the rich and famous. 203 more words