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Rice with guns

See these yummy rice ?

Coming from Arvid Beck a Natural Bodybuilder. Think I am going to give it a go !

You can find Arvid… 8 more words


Happiness Is The End Of Another Day

Sunset over a grassy and tree-lined field is a good thing. In fact, any sunset is a good thing! It means I’ve bern given something money can’t buy — another day.


Is my daily routine dragging me down ?

Yes it is.

Goodness !

Fruit !

Time to do something about it !

Step 1 : Identify the priorities  for the day, the week, the week end, the month and yearly. 65 more words


How grateful am I?

Now? Very.

I’ve always been quick with “thank you’s” — even during my times of alcoholic madness when all I cared about was where the next drink was coming. 657 more words

A New Attitude

Grace Notes August 26, 2014

I’ve spoken quite a bit in the past weeks about disappointment and loss. When the whamee comes, little gets left standing. There is relief, though, in no longer holding up what is not there. 369 more words

Flat on my rice tummy

Yesterday I went flat on my tummy rice, picked very unhealthy food and expensive too making a hole in my financial commitment. I did all that out of some old mistakes and one of them is : not having food ready in the fridge. 73 more words