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April 14, 2014

I am grateful to my coworkers for covering my work while I was away on vacation!

On cultivating gratefulness

On this lovely, cloudy, Tuesday morning, as I sit here at my kitchen table sipping on a chai latte, “studying” and looking out the window, I checked my phone and saw a message come up from someone I don’t quite know, asking me how my final focus went and if I have found a job yet (I actually talked to her through a friend inquiring about my placement earlier on in the semester). 923 more words


M is for Magic

Hi lovelies!

Today I’d like to talk about something that’s elusive, easily missed, and even – as some might think – nonexistent altogether: magic. Personally, I’ve always believed in magic – ever since I was five years old and wishing on every single star I could see out of my bedroom window. 488 more words


Little moments

My favorite photos are those that capture seemingly insignificant moments of life. I’m grateful that I have a family who (though they sometimes question) does not seem to mind when I suddenly exclaim, “Pause! 25 more words


Listen, love is patient!

Well its been awhile since my last post. I’ve had a mixture of procrastination, laziness, and lack of focus on writing over take me, not to mention that I have been busy with our church here in Corpus Christi, TX. 655 more words



“Spiritual moments are all around us if we have the eyes and the faith to see. The first little crocus that comes up out of the ground in the Spring reminds me how good God is to us. 6 more words

Here's to you...

Let me tell you all the reasons why! Something for your Monday…