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Catching Some Summer Fun

I think summer went from fast paced action to almost a full stop in the span of three days. The weather is acting like fall is near (or already here), people have started talking about back-to-school shopping, and my work schedule is sputtering and fizzling, as all the summer swim leagues have wrapped up their short, but hectic seasons. 254 more words

Self Care

Birthday Giveaway

Today is my birthday and I’m grateful for the life God has given me. As many of you know I started this blog to overcome some of my fears of putting myself out there. 186 more words


B.A.D. Thankful Thursday

You know I could go on and on for hours about all that I’m thankful for, so I’ll use my Thursday blog for just one or 2 things, so as not to bore you to death.  496 more words


Today I am GRATEFUL for:

1. Flowers we still have blooming that were my Mom and Dad’s. I was very lucky, I had really great parents. Miss them both so much. 88 more words


And what a day it was...

Thinking back to 10 years ago, had I had a WordPress account, I would be sitting here complaining about every aspect of my day today.  BUT… that was 10 years ago.  613 more words



I’m thankful for my mom, and how she comforts me while flying.

I’m thankful for my dad who drives 2 and 1/2 hours to drop off/pick up me and my mom from the airport. 262 more words


When Pringles are Your Biggest Problem, It's Time to Count Your Blessings

There I was diligently working my way through my seven-day-healthy-living-turn-around.  I was cutting carbs, counting calories, increasing my cardio and generally feeling pretty proud of my self-deprivation.  714 more words