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365 Grateful: 09.30.2014

I cannot shake the image from my mind. A doll, strapped into a high chair. At the other end of the table a younger woman with her husband, a 10-year-old boy sitting far away but obviously part of the group, and an older woman with a faraway look in her eyes, lost in some inner world. 106 more words


Discarded Weaves & Old Crullers

I figured today, keep it tame, no ads directing my thoughts, wanted something though to challenge me a little bit, come up with this, the “rubber throat bag.” This can only end badly, I know it, but I figure, it can’t be what I am thinking, because that’s why God made ice  cream no? 698 more words


New Categories!

For those of you that follow my blog, I apologize for bombarding your WordPress reader with endless posts yesterday! Some of you had liked them though and I sincerely thank you. 83 more words

Spoonful Of Sugar

Trend Alert- Popping Neutrals with Bright Pumps

I’ve been noticing and been attracted to a lot of looks on Pinterest

that have all one color and the only Pop is in the shoes… 405 more words

Mom On The Go

Revisiting the past

Several decades ago I lived in San Diego when I was on active duty with the US Navy. I lived off-base in neighborhoods where I could afford the rent. 423 more words

I Am Provided

Being Church Together

The Garden Church gathered this Sunday to be church as we worked and worshiped and ate together.

People were greeted in the parking lot of a local park, with a “Welcome to the Garden Church!” and handed a trash bag and gloves. 432 more words

Garden Church

Piles of Stones

All in one fixes, a simpler time when I didn’t need face wash, shampoo, body wash, where a bar of soap covered it all. Wait, that’s a terrible flashback, something dealing with no freedom, guess my mind is blocking out tragic events, or maybe I remember more everyday. 432 more words