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If you’ve never heard New Thought music giant Michael Gott, you’ve seriously missed out!

It’s Friday.

Many of us have worked long weeks – some of those weeks at jobs we like and are fulfilled by; others in less wonderful circumstances. 33 more words

Religious Science

if God is faith...then in him I trust...

…everyday an old beginning…
with the vast expanse of experience that I call LIVING!
a sun that tears my brow with piercing beams…
as I walk with the burden of hopes and dreams… 215 more words


Grateful for Cancer? Well.... Yes! Thank You, Cancer!

I’m WELL over due for a post.  It’s amazing how I can allow little things to take up my time when I could be blogging instead.   1,037 more words


Maxi Style...

What’s the easiest way to get gussied up after housecleaning? 

Throw on a maxi,a vest and a fedora…

I worked late in the afternoon doing two days of our schedule of decluttering because we were to tired after bowling to get started on what should have been our first day…I then, had to run to BJ’s for grocery shopping… I loved the excuse to get cleaned up and dressed up…It trully is my way of balancing my life as a stay at home mother and of still caring for myself and being me.. 321 more words

Mom On The Go

T.G.I.F. - Gratitude Friday

My top three for the week:

3.)  Watching my 22-year-old son play in a soccer tournament. I love to watch him play. His speed, skill  and agility are delightful to watch and I’m so proud of him. 101 more words


365 Grateful: 07.24.2014

Checking out the progress of our new house construction, I had to scramble over piles of dirt. There, at my feet, was a feather. “Hawk,” I thought at first, but now I’m thinking more like owl. 63 more words


Little Things for Which I am Thankful

Ok, maybe these are not so little!  But the pictures included in this post are ones where I just realized the simple beauty that is always around me. 1,034 more words