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What do I do when lightning strikes me

Dave: Was it ever a moment when you stopped believing in love?

Me: More than one moment. Even now, from time to time I got this feeling…that only a few people are lucky enough to be loved. 999 more words


Oh the books

Time to read is precious, and having the good book to slip into is a treasure.

What treasure are you enjoying? I would love to hear.


A Tale of Gratitude, Agape Love, Self Forgiveness and Prettiness

Before anything else, I want to share that my heart is overflowing with deep gratitude.  I have been spoiled rotten at work and at home.  I have had Christmas gifts lavished upon me, I have been shown sincere love and caring by those who matter most in my life and I have been reminded in countless… 1,037 more words



It’s been hard to write for the last few weeks.  There’s so much going on.  And there’s so much that catches my emotions.  Reading, with deep frustration, the stories from Ferguson and New York, the shattering of an admirable image in Bill Cosby, the destruction of pensions, the confirming of the brutality by the CIA, the escalation of ISIS… just all hit and wore me down.  509 more words

My New Year's Resolution Is To Simple Say..... Thank You!

This year is nearly over, and this means that millions people with good-intentions will start their New Year’s resolutions only to forget January 2. However, I believe that too many people have it all wrong when it comes these self promises of weight loss, a better life style. 132 more words


I'm coming home

I am waiting in the airport for a few hours for my flight to the lovely California. I’m excited to be back in California, but I am not really excited to be home. 138 more words

Day 6 - I am grateful for family time

I used to take my family for granted. We work together so often forget to spend time together outside work. Like all families we have our arguments. 25 more words